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    Streaming - Guide

    Thought It'd be helpfull:

    First of all, I like play UT in Window'd mode a little bigger than half my screen just because I like it that way; it also helps my stream to be smoother.

    I strongly recommend not using full screen mode: With any screen recording/streaming programs you're going to using a lot of your computers resources so the smaller the area of the screen you're recording the smoother it will be.

    Creating an account on will create your own streaming account.

    Creating an account on will allow you to download a free trial version of their streaming program which works with

    Load an Sign into Xplit with the email and password your register with on

    You have to wait 10 secounds for the continue to pop up every time you load it, unless you want to buy it for yourself:

    To beging Streaming click file - select screen region and hover over the top of the UT Screen clicking on it when a red rectangle boarders it.

    It will show Screen window "Unreal Tournament" in "Unrealtournament.exe"... at the bottom if you did it right - Then put your mouse around the white border (near the big red arrow) within the xsplit and fill out the black area.

    It will look more like this:

    Mute your microphone on Xsplit and other sound on your computer not related to UT/Teamspeak:

    When ready to broadcast lick Justin/TwitchTV - "You're Username."

    A message will pop-up informing you that the link has been copied to your clipboard.

    Click Paste - in #mlsg IRC to share your stream link.

    Good luck and Keep other programs from covering UT while streaming or they'll be seen instead.
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    Nice guide, there are a few other things though:

    1. Enable 720p for obvious reasons, better quality.

    2. Don't just click on the game, that catches the game as well as window it's in, you can make it look better by carefully dragging your own screen region.

    3. (After you get your screen region) Disable aspect ratio, this will make it so there are no black borders on the left and right, basically it will fill the entire screen when the viewers watch it live.

    Neff, what video renderer are you using in UT for streaming. OpenGL sucks in windowed mode and there is a big lack of brightness. I use D3D10.

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    Your resolution in game is not 16:9 so it looks strectched out, by the way.

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    In BT theu use this one -->
    Just saying in case it could be easier for some ppl

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    Thanks for this awesome post Neff/Rays!

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    Neff, I watched your stream of my match yesterday and it looked pretty good by the 2nd map, I guess you got all the choppyness fixed on your end cause I didn't notice anything. I already said this in another thread but I would just get rid of the weapon image, when you go into first person it gets in the way. I see you also scaled down your HUD and it really makes it look a lot cleaner. Thanks for helping.

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