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    Updates for modern hardware

    Old Unreal Multimedia Update
    NOTE: The audio driver included with this patch needs to be whitelisted (I created a topic about this actually and I'll private message Shiva shortly) before you can use it online, else ACE will kick you from the server. You can still have it installed without being kicked, but you'll need to instead have the default Galaxy 3D driver enabled instead. To enable the new sound driver included with this, you'll need to type "preferences" into your console, tick the drivers box, and select ALAudioSubSystem for your audio driver.

    New OpenGL renderer
    NOTE: Open your console and type in "preferences" to tweak each individual option on it. You'll find these options when you tick the box next to rendering. Make sure you enable S3TC and set the frame rate limit to 200 or lower.

    Unreal Tournament Retexturing Project
    NOTE: YOU WILL NEED A NEW RENDERER WITH S3TC ENABLED TO USE THESE TEXTURES OR YOUR GAME WILL CRASH! Make sure you have that taken care of BEFORE you install these. Also, back up the Decayed S package from your textures folder just in case you have a mismatch issue.
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    Updating with my recommended tweaks for the OpenGL renderer options. Find these options by typing "preferences" into your console, ticking the box next to renderers, and then ticking the box next to OpenGL.
    CacheStaticMaps True
    DetailClipping True
    DetailMax 0
    FrameRateLimit 200 or lower (if left alone or set higher than 200, you'll have gamespeed problems)
    MaskedTextureHack True (This gets masked textures to display properly)
    HighDetailActors True
    MaxAnisotropy 16
    NumAASamples 4
    SceneNodeHack True
    ShinySurfaces True
    SinglePassDetail True
    SinglePassFog True
    SmoothMaskedTextures True
    UseAA True
    NoAA Tiles True (you'll get artifacts on your HUD if you don't set this to true)
    UseZTrick False
    UseTrilinear True
    VolumetricLighting True
    UseFragmentProgram True
    ZRangeHack True
    RefreshRate (put your monitor's refresh rate here)
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