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    Trouble in Terrorist Town

    Please tell me some of you have/play this game. You have to have steam and counter strike source as well as Garry's mod to play it. I got both just for this, but Garry's mod has a lot of stuff in it. Anyways, this game is fuckin hilarious. It's a big clusterfuck of paranoia, there are 3 sides: detective, traitor, and innocent. When you spawn, everyone appears as an innocent, but about 1/4 of them will be traitors. Only traitors know who the other traitors are, and they have to kill off all the innocents. Detectives can search dead bodies and gather DNA to track down traitors. Traitors and detectives can buy special equipment to help them kill/survive. Innocents usually stick together or find detectives to help protect them. I played on a British server earlier today and slaughtered millions of wankers, it was glorious. This game is infinitely better with a mic, check out the website:

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    I kinda want to get back into Counter-Strike: Source.
    But that means I would have to reinstall Steam..

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    Agreed, steam is a terror, I dont want that thing on my computer : O

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    Who has "Steam"?

    add me: sogeking_usa

    @rays, man that sounds like fun but it's really hard for me to get into new games! just never found any game that keeps me interested for more than a month :P

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