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    MLSG :: Map Contest

    Hey Siege community.

    What makes the Siege mod unique is it's wide breadth of interesting maps. Some maps are ports of IG, or CTF maps, and some are completely new maps made up by hard working mappers. Most or all of these maps fit to a certain clans style, or mappers style. What we want to see and are lacking, are competitive MLSG maps.

    Introducing the MLSG Map contest.

    Calling all siege mappers! Think you have what it takes to create the ultimate MLSG map? We are looking for the best siege map created to date, with an MLSG style flair. Should you win this map contest, your map will be featured as the first official MLSG map for future leagues and events. It will also be put on all MLSG pug and league related servers.

    Any rules?

    - We don't want to impose any rules on brilliant map-makers, but here are some guidelines that will help you win :

    • Don't make copies of existing maps
    • Try to limit the size, don't make it overtly large, or too small.
    • Try to make multiple and competitive entrances.
    • Think balance - for ex. if you wish to make a nuke room, make it accessible to "both" teams.
    • Be creative, add items that enhance the game, not slow it down.
    • Always have "competitive map" in your mind.
    • Build a competitive core room

    These are just some suggestions to think about!

    You will have exactly 40 days to complete this map and submit it for evaluation. 40 days will start When we have 4 mappers signed up.

    How to submit?

    By TBA, you will create a thread in the MLSG UK forums with the title "MLSG Map entry - MAPNAME".

    Link :

    • Give us information into how and why you made the map
    • Post clear high quality screenshots (3 maximum).
    • Provide a download link with all required items.
    • Tell us why you think it should win the map contest.

    Your map will be judged by selected MLSG players and will be voted on. The map receiving the most amount of votes from the judges will be the winner of the contest. Judges will only be able to pick one map. In the event of a tie, the judges will vote for the two in a TB.

    This is your chance to create the best map Siege has seen to date.

    Good luck.
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    The time allotted has been increased! (Approx 1 month)

    I encourage all mappers, new and old to sign up for this contest! Just post in this thread!

    We want the best maps you can produce! Not only will it help draw in people from other communities to TRY siege, but it will enhance, compliment, and improve the experience of Siege for all.

    SIGN UP!

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