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    Killing Spree Dr.Flay's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    Kernow, UK

    Cool The Doctor is... in

    Greets to the UT peeps.

    Bit crap of me for not joining before. I haven't done much lurking here so I only recognise a few faces so far....errr avatars :biggrin-new:
    Hello Higor you old fart, nice to see some class in here :friendly_wink:

    You won't be seeing me on the servers often, as I'm using a mobile 3G dongle, dangling out the window (it's all about the angle of your dangle).
    I'm here more in a geek-capacity, but also figured I'm more likely to find some Pasty-munching Cornish piskies in here, as it's more UK-centric than most.

    I'm mostly over at, or sailing around with Captain Hook's merry bunch of pirates.
    Again I don't play on Hooks crazy redeemer server, but as a Cornish-man, getting to be all piratey in a UT context, gives me somewhere to have a bit more fun with my posts.

    Those who know me, know my posts can be long, but I like to have fun with writing, so I try not to be boring when I'm geekin' it up.

    Someday I'll get to finish the damned CTF conversion I started months ago, but in the meantime you can see some W.I.P. and me having fun with my own blend of crazy.
    Loading bar where I drink features in the map (nice texture-work by me), and at some point I'm going to try and make the bar as a "land of giants" type map, as it is a games bar, and the only place I get to play UT3....On an Xbox
    It is the only games bar/cafe in the UK, and I live next door to it. Awesome !!
    They even make game related tails (for those of us old enough).

    See ya round the site
    NW III
    "Your Unreal" lives-on
    333networks Keeping the GameSpy network alive with a "faster-master"

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    Near a River and Under a Bridge
    Greets! Some of use like to read, but that doesn't mean we really know how. RIGHT NEXT DOOR? What kind of luck is that...
    Reading material is a welcome change from the scripts and clicks of chat. BTW that My Unreal at looks pretty spiffy...

    what's that soundtrack playing? Don't see a video going either? Hmmm... CHROME... figures.

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    Jan 2011
    Hello Doc nice to see you here thanks for taking part! I had a look nose about the links you posted, gotta say really impressed with some of the stuff there, especially digging the map with graffiti on it!

    Had a little chuckle about your dongle...why do you use a 3G dongle and not an internet connection?

    Well, stick around!

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    Jun 2011
    Near a River and Under a Bridge
    Now this one would make a good siege map..what's with those vehicles? Operational?

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    Jan 2011
    Lol yeah that looks pretty damn cool. Do you work on harbours then or something? I know i know, are you a fisherman?! No wait you build boats?? I heard you built titanic you fail.

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    Mar 2011
    E'llo sir.

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    Jan 2011
    Ah forgot to write I was curious to ask (although i know the answer) does the forum mix you up for a mobile user and load the mobile theme (due to using 3G). I know it's by useragent...but when useragent is not determinable it switches to host name and bla blah bla

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    Apr 2012
    What's up doc? *bugs bunny accent*

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    Near a River and Under a Bridge
    Quote Originally Posted by CrashingCami View Post
    What's up doc? *bugs bunny accent*
    That's even more funny coming from you...LOL

    *giggling childishly*

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    Kernow, UK
    I'll try and answer in order. (this is long, sorry. the map bit is the big section)

    The soundtrack on my "My Unreal" site, is my mashup that went out on last years Halloween album "Texas Chainsaw Mashacre" CD-2
    It is a mix of UT2K4 vs Rob Zombie vs Sepultura or Soulfly and something else (I can't remember. made it in 2006)
    You can get a download there.
    Haven't had time to do a sequel this year

    The dongle is a compromise as I don't have a phone-line, and I can't keep a reliable enough connection to the cafe.
    It is an old 3.5Mb pay-as-you-go USB jobbie. Fast enough for my normal needs, but the data use is v.expensive.
    Ironically most people in the UK with a contract phone, get free internet deals....(B*stards!)
    Opera turbo certainly helps with hacking the bandwidth use, and saves me a bundle.
    Web sites will just detect the user-agent in the browser, though the desktop version can run in mobile mode (make facebook much better!) IRC clients however will show the carrier details attached to your "Whois" info.

    The up-side is, it is not registered to me, or hard-wired into where I live, or a bank account.
    My PC is only visible to where or who I choose, with a few registry tweaks, Opera plugins, and an IP blocklist at the network level. Using Opera turbo also has the side-effect of me showing-up as being in Poland, as that's where the Opera cache is.
    Trillian IM lets me lurk in most of the chat networks as invisible (not why I asked about the protocol $carface)
    Before anyone asks if I'm paranoid....
    shhhh!...there's no one looking? right?
    No :surprise: I don't need to be paranoid. I'm not there! I'm over here :tongue-new:
    It's quite quick and easy, so my PC security has always been tight.
    (*TIP* open your java applet in the control panel and please switch more of the security on! Shocking!)
    I spend a lot of time tracking, submiting, and reporting viruses, malware, sites, users(very bad people) and IP addresses.
    I need to know when I have "my head in the lion's mouth" that my PC is safe, and my browser is man-enough for the tricks devious site authors will throw at it.
    I like to try (like many others) to keep the net a safer place for us all to play in.
    Trolls, I slay at the weekend to relax. That just makes it a more peaceful place to play in.

    The city map in the pics is my conversion to CTF (and way more) of a DM map by Cleveyus
    Unfortunately the original cars and police cars are built from basic brushes, so just for show.
    The red Volvos I added are deco/models (1 has something "going-on" inside!)
    I have added a few drivable vehicles (it can be tiring running around a city!) and one of them is a tank for people to create chaos with (oh yes and I always insist on ChaosUT).
    Bot support is iffy in the original (another challenge for me, as will be clear)
    He was going to make a cops vs criminals assault map, which is why the map is laid out in an "interesting" way.
    It would be good for lots of people, as it has a bit of everything. good sniping and places for an up-close fist-fight, down an alley-way.

    However, under the bonnet/hood it is a nightmare.
    Open it in UEd and switch to wire-frame... WTF?
    Switch to BSP cuts, after making sure there is no fluid near your PC, or in your mouth !
    To someone new to UEd, they will say "Ooh, that's pretty!", "Wow! psychedelic" or maybe if they show promise as a modder "Woah! is it supposed to be all stipey and swirly?".
    This is why he never got it to play in a team mode. The bots can't navigate properly
    I've spent a lot of time fixing the errors and got the bots to go where I want. (If someone was willing to fix the DM version it will make it a lot faster, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone).

    My CTF version has a lot less geometry (and errors) as I have deleted lots of drain-covers and bins/trash-cans that were also intersecting the floor. I have replaced all of these with low-poly models from the Silveribex street decos pack.
    This gave me even more speed, so what did I do then?
    Well I've added loads of fun stuff (though the weapons pack gives too many errors, so I am looking for another)
    Due to the city style I'm swapping everything to ballistic weapons. Flak cannon, minigun and rocket launcher are kept in.
    On top of the Chaos sniper rifles, there are...actually I'll just paste the required files list for the current build.
    The AgentX pack is nice and small with a nice variety of hardware, but gives me issues that make it a pain.
    I want either another small real weapons mod, or a few individual items.
    Not happy with any of the stand-alone pump-action shotguns I've tried, and I need some good cold steel knife action.
    I would then need to find some mines/grenades.
    Currently I may have to opt for one of the larger real-world mods (AgentX I could get away with adding to my distro).

    Depending on where you find weapons, they are also tweaked for variety.
    Some of the rifles you have to wait for your bullet to travel to the target, some of them are instant hehehe.
    There is 1 portal gun in the map, and 1 Chaos turret launcher. This is CTF, so you MUST at least stop the enemy using it. evil...Mwahahahaaaa!!
    Some of the MP-5s in the criminals base have silencers. The police do not use silencers.
    The police station has M4s and the criminals have AK47s.
    The Criminals have pistols and knives and Uzi's, but the police have some tweaked G11s
    Knives are placed into the scenery as ornaments or stuck into tables and tires (in the garage).
    Weapons are all placed like someone put it there (and no spinning).
    Neutral places have a mix.
    There is a secret room with...BINGO!!!
    I have added a few destroyable windows and breaking glass effects (OK a lot! It is a city) on shop-fronts, bus-stops, cars, phone-booths and vending machines.
    There are rats and roaches in the alleys and around bins, and birds in the trees.
    sheets of news-paper litter the street and there's stacks of cardboard, recycling, crates and rubbish bags.
    Hint* Unique and useful things seem to be thrown in the rubbish piles
    Knock over a public bin, and bottles and cans will litter the street.
    Pizza boxes, briefcases, cans, bottles and glasses, can all be knocked around.
    The added newspaper dispensers can make good cover (the new parking meters do not), but the new bins and mail-boxes (yeah I been busy) can be used as movable cover.
    There is 1 place in the map to get health. The hospital of course! (it is now raining heavily in that section of the map).
    Taking and holding the hospital is now very important.
    Other non-functional low-polly items added, are things like light-swiches, smoke-detectors, and fire-extinguishers.
    Books, phones, tills and plant-pots all movable.

    The city is surrounded by a big wall, and sometimes you and bots get blown over the wall and survive. For a player with a telepod, this is no problem, but due to lack of pathing out in the wilderness, they just mill-around (with practice you can Chaos-kick them up the wall).
    Rather than add an invisible pawn-block wall around the city, I thought of something....more devious.
    Outside the city there are MegaTitans, so now you really want to get back in the map ASAP! and to-hell with the bots. Every bot for himself!
    They are set to not be interested in the affairs of the tiny monkeys running around in the maze. But they are aware of us and will threaten you if you get close.
    Accidental hit one with one of our tiny little stingy things, and he will get annoyed, but more importantly he will get involved.
    I do not advise this, as even though they cannot step over the wall, they have very long arms, and can squish you from a few streets away. They also have an energy burst you do not want to be any where near where it lands!
    Their health is raised high, and our weapons puny in comparison.
    Woe-betide you if you p*ss one off, but again team tactics comes in.
    The best way to deal with it is for both teams to join-forces, find a vehicle, and battle the giant.
    When it is dead, it is dead. No re-spawn for him (or her. how do you tell?)
    If you trigger more than one at a time. You are all about to die repeatedly for a while. So just don't (that's aimed mostly at Evil)

    It will not be for the feint-hearted CPU and GFX combo, but I am not doing a crappy Low-Res texture pack, so up-dated renderers are a must.
    I know I haven't over-done it, as my main rig is a 32bit AMD 2500, ATI Radeon HD 3600 (512MB) and 1GB RAM
    and I have enough spare CPU to play 9-11 bots, and add the stuff from the ---Extras--- section.
    MrLoathsome's fixed hoard-Zombies mutator (at least 100 of these rascals) and various biting, clawing death, from the Napali and Jurrasic packs, randomly spawned at regular intervals with "MontserSpawn".
    Along with Relics, Runes and the cool CTF flag effects, that is my recommended "experience".

    My full personal setup has MonsterSpawn throw other things into the mix like; Aliens, Predators and face-huggers, and every decent zombie from all the zombie mods, Pit-bull terriers and zombie cows, and all the creatures from the horror mods I could find, scorpions, snakes and spiders in all shapes and sizes.

    I'll tell you this for nothing!
    It's just not safe to walk down the street at night anymore!

    My trade. Well I run Dr.Flay's Cybernetics Apothecary. I am probably the only Holistic Computer Doctor.
    (for those wondering, yes Douglas Adams was a hero of mine).
    All things are inextricably linked at a quantum level of stupid.
    I operate on the principal that the weakest-link in the chain, is the muppet sat at the keyboard.
    20 PC=poorly
    30 GOSUB 100
    40 PC=rubbish
    50 GOSUB 100
    60 PC GFX=Intel
    70 GOSUB 100
    100 SET SUBROUTINE=muppet sat at keyboard
    Yet on the other hand the most powerful part of the equation is also the muppet in charge.
    PCs have an off-button. People don't.

    I fix PCs, and I fix people's heads when I can (that'll be the artist/philosopher side of me)

    And finally What is up with the Doc?
    Well right now I've got a sore backside, coz I'm such a muppet I just sat here and wrote all of that, and now I'm hungry.
    Time for this son-of-Kernow, to go and hunt a fresh pasty for me to digest, while you all sit and digest the ramblings of a mad-man.

    You know all the best evil-geniuses are mad doctors or professors.
    ...Have I shown you my flying-dog? No?
    She's a beauty....
    NW III
    "Your Unreal" lives-on
    333networks Keeping the GameSpy network alive with a "faster-master"

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