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    ATT Uverse channel switch option, 1-11 has impact on ethernet uverse connection?

    So i'm not sure if this has an impact on your router and connection. I've recently messed around with my uverse wireless channel option and found that if you change it from autoselect to one of the numbers 1-11, it seems to have an impact on your internet connection. Is that true or am I just imagining things? I've noticed that on channels 1,6,11 it seems best but for me it'd be channel 1. Seems like the shots on the servers are hitting more rather than bypass through.
    Also, is there a connection between lagging and shot smoothness in 100 speed? Sometimes shots seem to come out at a normal rate, then i'll hit a huge spike and my shots seem clunky or slow.

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    Most people do not sniff their network areas. Multiple routers broadcasting on the same band causes conflicts and TX errors (transmission errors) this is why what you are saying is correct. If you change your channel you will find better and worse channels. Channel 11 works best for me. If your router can broadcast on the 5ghz bandwidth you should get a wireless card that can take advantage of it. If you already have a 5ghz compatible wireless card you should think about getting a router with 5ghz capability. It's much more solid than 2.4ghz and most commercial routers cannot broadcast 5ghz nor can the residential crap the ISPs give out. Try inSSIDer:

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