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    Google crack search - How to use google to search for cracks

    Before you use any cracked software please be aware of the issues you are exposing yourself to. I don't encourage you to use cracked software however if you choose to then you can use the following to search for cracks effectively

    Type crack: app name

    e.g. crack: flashget 1.6a

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    If you add a -Google to the end of it you will remove all of the 'googly stuff'...

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    I caution those interested in any sort of cracks or crack programs to be VERY careful. Most of the programs or website have malware and viruses.

    If you are going to look for something like that, then I highly suggest an anti-virus program just to be safe.

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    always run cracks in a virtual computer

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    GameCopyWorld has been there since ages and has loads of stuff, and it is protected against search engines so you must go into the site and browse (At least was like that last time i visited)
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