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    4 way spec mode - after losing

    we where playing 4 way, and green lost! all join except 2 im not sure wich one of theme was having fun in our base making the SP busy but what im sure is that Viro was having lots of fun! we was busy looking almost all the game up. and spamming rocket on the tele one the secret place or in corners and any place the SP Shoot at and that give the other team a big advantage.

    can the loser of the 4 way automaticly go out and maybe could join immediately to one of the teams.

    im not sure if they both was doing the same thing to the protector or not! but can this be fixed!

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    I don't know about Booma guy, but I know that Viro is kind of famous of doing shit at all time. Always on the naughty list.

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