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    Basic information:
    Unreal Tournament: Forgotten Classics Bonus Pack started out as a project of restoration; it's first and main task was to provide solely cut Epic content, thus making the pack an unofficial "Bonus Pack 5". This was not enough for our standards however, as such a small pack is nowadays hardly acceptable. Current plans include porting UT and Unreal beta content to retail UT, porting console content (including the HUDs from the beta and console versions), porting all Unreal and UT demonstration maps in existence to the UT-Logo standard and providing further neat features, all of which are described below in detail.


    Mapping progress: 36/112
    - Multiplayer maps: 15/60 (42 maps to be done/found/ported/whatever for the standard gametypes, 3 for Command Control)
    - Single Player ShamuQuest maps: 6/22 (16 maps to be done)
    - Single Player UnrealRogue maps: 1/10 (9 maps to be done)
    - UT-Logo maps: 14/20 (6 maps to be done/ported/converted etc)
    Modelling/skinning progress: 3/8 (5 models/skins to be done)
    Selector coding progress: 1/4 (to be done: Ladder and HUD selectors and Unreal Rogue launcher)
    Weapon progress: 0/2 (Beta PulseGun and BetaMag are in preparations or testing)
    UWindows GUI skins: 2/3 (we have Win95 and WinXP GUI skins but they require finishing, plus Unreal Gold has an exclusive GUI skin that requires porting...)
    UWindows Wallpapers: 1/1 (the blue background from UT Beta)
    Callsigns enabled: no (in the beta, team-based gametypes assign callsigns to the players and bots, Alpha, Charlie, Easy etc... this is yet to be ported.)
    Gametypes: 0/3 (Command Control needs to be coded, Teamless Domination needs to be recoded, bugfixed, properly NAMED and included, Unreal Rogue needs a bit recoding).



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