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    win 7 + ace = time out

    Hey guys!

    So i just install UT on my laptop, since the laptop is what i only have now..
    so anyways, I have windows 7 on it and if i go to servers with ace, i get kicked every 10 min for timeouts.
    I fixed this problem before, but that was when i had my other computer and it was win xp..

    what can i do to fix this problem?

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    It's nothing to do with Win7 really. It's mostly to do with headers and information being lost. Most servers these days are Linux, the Linux headers were never released to Anthrax and co meaning everything they do is result of reverse engineering.

    ACEv0.9 is close to being complete though. Project status is about 90% however, alot of real life issues to be dealt with is slowing progress. However, we will be beta testing over here when it is released. Until're gonna have to deal with it really...unfortunately.

    You could try compattoggle, highperftoggle etc to see if that solves any. Otherwise it certainly is because of the headers not receving/losing info.

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