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    (IE8)Internet Explore vs uK Forum's


    Ever since uK forums had all these updates. My computer(PC)(wich uses IE8) will Not send me to the forums.
    I can open the forums, but it says something like CTRL + F5( so i do that, doesnt work give's me same error).
    Then it says try CTRL + Refresh(i try that give's me same error message) Then it says contact an admin.
    So after that, i just stop trying to load the page. So this post is made from my laptop, and my laptop uses IE9.
    Now my laptop opens up the forums right away not problem at all. Seems to me that, IE8 doesnt like to work with this site, But IE9 does??

    Any reason why my IE8 doesnt open the forums. but IE9 Does?

    Thanks `Disturbed//*.

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    I'm out
    try to open the forum with Tools -> InPrivate Browsing, if you dont see problem in private mode i think is just a cache issue
    try to fix cleaning your cache but the bad news is that you lost your "remember login" in your dif sites, if you want to avoid that maybe you can install something like a cache viewer or another thing for remove manually the unrealkillers cache but i dont know

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    You need to clear your Internet Explorer cache. Otherwise, I think in 5 days (once the expire has elapsed) it will work again. This is why cache is bad!

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