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    Quote Originally Posted by UcHiHa View Post
    Apart from uk morning after server, than all knows latinos lag like crazy. i have something = but on public.

    I dont know why, but public has like a problem i think with provider. Because the lag problems are only for certain time, most of time i have my usually 150 ping, but when it crashes its laggying like 6-7 hours. And after the 6-7 hours server works fine again, at least that to me.

    PD: when server is laggy i have 250-300 ping.
    yes, my normal ping on pug and public server is 190-220, but sometimes i get ping 300 on pug, and 400... 1500!! (+) on public, but on public it almost never happens, 1 time in 15 days...

    i already posted my tracert of pub mouths ago, and the lag problem happened with less frequency after this. But now i'm getting a differente lag (i did not get 1500 of ping when i did this)
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    one is my normal ping (most of time )
    Imageshack - screenshot013a.png

    And this happened today, 5 times

    Imageshack - screenshot015dr.png

    500 ping for 20 or 30 sec, like 5 or 6 times everytime i play.
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