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    Full sail ahead!

    Recommendation: CTF-DeNovo

    Map has the right size, excellent teleporter spots, a killzone on the sky that forces players into the layout (you can still guide nukes above the WHOLE map) and is perfectly weapon balanced, among some other nice things...

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    Love this map. I played it last night with Sev, And Higor. This is a great map for siege. Please add if can.

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    Apr 2011
    already tried edit it for, but the core room is terrible...
    the only way is remake 100% it

    maybe its good for pug, but that core room on pub... with 10 SPs, million of mines, FF, invencible SC... no way

    i will see what i can do with that core room, the rest of the map is really perfect, and very beautiful
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    I checked the map last night. My intial thoughts were that the mid section really needs chopping down. It's far too small and enclosed with many different path ways which would really drag the game. By the "middle part" I'm talking the open space.

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