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    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|Shiva View Post
    Catching up on threads is tough. I really dont feel comfortable after reading some of these threads.

    1. Why SW had admin access? If it was removed .. who gave it back to him just to ban Osyris?
    2. SW if I heard someone pick up the nuke (with the retarded nuke siren especially) I am going to sit where I am and try and find the motherfucker and kill anyone going into my base. Yes I will shoot them in the back. I dont see anything wrong done by Osyris here. If I am too late unban him immediately.
    3. Osyris is known for laming and camping. You know it Osyris and I do too. I have warned you many times myself. But before I stopped playing, I could see that you had changed your game and were actually a good attacker and not a dmer/lamer. If you plan to go back to your either, someone will ban you soon.
    4. Moskva.. please explain why you would deny it being you to Osyris and then not post on this thread but make Blaze post that it was you?

    I hope we are not turning into a community like mlig. Where admins do the same shit they ban ppl for and basically as Osyris accuses.. corrupt admins. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
    Agree you are the best papi:love_heart:

    Go Away....

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    Finally the thread seems to make a bit of sense....

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    basically silverwing still had access but didnt wanna ban with his name on the end of the ban reason. moskvas pc or net has been fucked for a while where sometimes he cant reload ut or connect to servers, so moskva said to ban him and add his name into the ban reason as per mod suggestions.

    does this make any sense?

    prior to this osyris came with the first post evidence to me and told me about it, i asked moskva at the time if it was him who banned osyris and he said yes, moskva assuming that i had asked in general if it was his ban i guess? i checked our panels etc and moskva was on at around the time of the ban so i had assumed it was a genuine ban from moskva

    until of course i read more developments to the story later on and got the real answers

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