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    Balancer & Aliasing

    @Higor @SAM

    The Balancer is switching people who have been on the same team for the last hour, and not taking preference as it once did to the players who most recently joined the game. It's very frustrating to have spent 10,000 ru and get moved while people are comming and leaving and going to spec to type !T.

    Aliasers are the root of issues involving the balancer, a large portion of players are deceiving the balancer on a regular basis. :mad-new:

    Is it possible to prevent players from aliasing?
    Is it possible to allow players to alias & have the balancer know who they are another way?

    I'm tired of seeing so many one sided games
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    OMG.. Never let anyone tell you to drop your firewall! Might as well drop you Pants and bend over!

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    I was there and this sort of thing happens to everyone, sometimes you just have to deal. Also a lot of those aliases were league of legends players that haven't played much if at all in weeks. We're not trying to sabotage your game you just got public server'd like we all do. Also I am pretty sure that even though I was playing as 12inarow that my cookies were the same. I got put against blackshoot, osyris, warrior, chopdrain the next match and played like an hour of pointless dm with them. I don't come onto UT once every 2 weeks to babysit or listen to new complaints about old issues but that's all that happens it seems. :boxing:

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    I'm not accusing anyone of being malicious, I used the word deceive not sabatoge. The balancer cannot function as intended because of aliasing.

    Higor was unable to get his balancer working because of it... it may be an old issue, but it's still an issue.

    I personally liked it when the balancer picked players who joined more recently.
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    OMG.. Never let anyone tell you to drop your firewall! Might as well drop you Pants and bend over!

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    The balancer is still the old one and still picks the latest joined when it can. The only time it will move someone else in am attempt to rebalance is when it will be required to move two it more people (highly undesireable) so it just moves one person who could possibly make the difference and patch things up. It's just how it works on pub I'm afraid. There's no way of anticipating, checking or anything far as I know higor is taking a break from his balancer. Which means he may work on it in future.

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    I understand your concern, as it is the same as mine.

    Right now there's 2 balancers in action, NexGen balancer enforcing teams and AutoteamBalancer recording stats.
    Aliasers screw up the stat recording and NexGen balancer only affects the newest players to join.

    Believe me, the other solutions tried haven't been as succesful.
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