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    Full sail ahead!

    Siege Ultimate RC16


    • Score awards for nuke killers, 10 for midair takedown, 5 for nuke building (+200 RU), 5 or 10 for nuke carrier.
    • Supplier initial ammo kick in is done based on weapon's default PickupAmmoCount var now, less exploits with spammers and campers resupplying 50% ammo in an instant (it's possible in all Sieges).
    • Log warnings fixed for spectators and players that join midgame (one per building).
    • 50 RU crystals are less laggy, the number 50 seen in them are now processed on the viewport machine, reducing the network load.
    • Armor and buildings adjust their own network update rate to reduce bandwidth usage and server load.
    • Removal is now controlled by a variable, cores are always bNoRemove, and explosive class buildings (not mines) become bNoRemove after reaching 100%.
    • Pulse rifle display fixed for third person view.
    • The Pulse Rifle and Hyper Leecher will properly restock themselves after being picked a second time.
    • GetNuke bind for the lazy.
    • SummonB command for admins and single player mode, SUMMONB CLASSNAME TEAM
    • Added enhanced navigation and chasing features to spectators.
    • Super Protectors will no longer attack defeated players.
    • RemoveGuardian is now built-in and can be enabled with bUseRemoveGuardian in SiegeGI.
    • Translocators will not bounce off platforms anymore.
    • Antigravity platforms aren't as buggy on clients.
    • Smoke generators are now simulated instead of sent via net, also no longer stay after repairing a mine.
    • Fixed Flak Cannon led display in presence of mines.
    • Jetpacks should be better responsive on high pings.
    • Poison Guardian's effect on players fixed on clients, also use less bandwidth.
    • Messages broadcasted for Warhead, Neutron Bomb, EMP Bomb destruction.
    • ALT Nuke Siren detection range doubled, price reduced to 1200, upgrade is 250 base.

    Game by rounds implemented:
    With increased RU production rates teams must play as many rounds as there are teams (2 teams = 2 rounds, 4 teams = 4 rounds).
    The team to win all, or the minimum required amount of rounds wins the match, theres a tiebreaker round plus elimination if there's tied team by the end of the final round.
    Round time is half the configured time (40 in case of pub server), overtime on round mode sets cores to 5% with inability to repair.
    Round mode can be specified by maps that want to force it (or unforce it) or by loading the map with this parameter: ?roundmode=1
    (2 teams only) When playing rounds combined with core randomizer, cores will swap locations on each round.
    Rounds can also be enabled on mapvotes by loading this mutator: (siegepackage).SiegeRounds

    Experimental FingerPrint system:
    Will be used to replace Building's owner code and to recover RU without errors.
    The fingerprint is autogenerated on join, can be edited by the user via INI (not ingame).
    The user may specify whether to have his fingerprint autogenerated again if in use by another player (default) or disconnecting without changing it.
    If the FingerPrint is not sent to the server, the player may not start building and will eventually be kicked from the game.
    FingerPrints will allow a player to recover ownership of his own buildings after reconnecting with different name, ip, even computer.


    Ideas for future releases:
    Adding an extra RU efficiency stat on the SiegeStats page (based on Scourge's idea).
    This stat will be calculated from 2 variables (RU in, RU out) held on the sgPRI, with proper coding these 2 vars can be read by external packages... like a team balancer.

    Spy suit:
    Changes your team color and doesn't activate Protectors/Super Protectors, mines can still kill you, players can still see your color on the HUD when aiming at you.
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    Spy suit sound amazing! Good job on the rest higor

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    Whicked Sick HIGH[+]AdRiaN's Avatar
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    finilly, a pre update thread for discuss what is good or not is all that i was asking for

    thanks for this higor, now the siege updates will be better for all players!

    this spy suit, can be picked up with trans, invis, speed etc?
    this suit is almost so good like a rubber suit ... will be too fucking very easy to nuke in all maps!

    i suggest you make it lost the effect if the player get another attack item, and what will be the price? something like 1250?

    (it's a rubber suit, that change your team collor! but maybe impossible to combine with other attack itens... this item can not be cheap lel)
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    Maybe someday will get that idea of yours in here higor with them rounds. I really liked that.

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    i like the spysuit idea, but the question that ive been thinking and thinking about if all possible...can you go through the opposing teams built teles???o.O

    edit: one thing that i think would be a good idea was the fake " Jokers" nuke, that acts like a real nuke but it doesnt shoot a missle, and triggers the nuke siren on pub, and costs about half of what a real nuke is, AKA about 600-700 RU.
    Last edited by 'Zac; 01-14-2013 at 08:19 PM.

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    Full sail ahead!
    Well, the spy suit has the potential to be a very powerful item unless properly priced...
    How much did the Heat Visor cost in the first version?

    Shield Belt will expose a spy suiter.
    Mines will detonate.
    Motion alarms will be triggered, so will nuke sirens.
    Spy suiters can enter enemy base and kill enemy nukers/nukes while they're preparing (lol).
    ------------------------------------- * -------------------------------------

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    The Big Ticket Moskva's Avatar
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    Thermal Visor was 500, but we all know it was a bullshit cover to hide the cheat so whatever price it would've been wouldnt really matter
    Season ranks: MLSG - #45 Semis, MLSG II - #38 Finals, MLSG III - #34 Finals, GU.Siege - #32 5th Place, IST - #11 CHAMPION

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    The Best There Ever Will Be! |uK|B|aZe//.'s Avatar
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    personally dont see any use of a spy suit as there is already a rubber suit that does everything a spy suit does..... so its pretty much just a rubber suit renamed

    i dont see how you will be able to determine "campers" and people who are solely just defending because their team will get pounded otherwise thus affecting supplier ammo?

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    Administrator |uK|chiseller's Avatar
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    Spy suit, finally! I think I suggested that like over a year ago. Can't wait to try it out.
    Though, I don't think it should be combinable with nukes. Maybe even disable the use of RC & mortar bombs while wearing it.
    It is indeed similar to the rubber suit but unlike the rubber suit no one suspects you to be the enemy.
    Cost: 1500?

    Finally you get rewarded for killing nuke builds. The reward should be higher though.

    Promising update and like adrian said, it's good that you posted this beforehand.

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    Whicked Sick HIGH[+]AdRiaN's Avatar
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    another question

    your idea is put this spy suit on constructor for everyone build it when want (and when have ru)

    or add this suit as a mid item? well, all strong suit currentlly is only spawned on mid... the only suits that the players can build is that anti damage zone suits.

    btw, i think all mid suits and weapons should be buildable.

    rubber suit - 2000 RU, an amizing attack item, if combinated with other item is almost impossible to fail double nuking, making tele in maps like bluevember etc...

    metal suit - 1350 RU, nice item for snipers defend is big maps, but this item cant have a low value, cuz everyone know is hard to destroy the suit when some players are using it.

    Blue gun - already allowed for build =]

    hyper leech - decrase the value? 300?

    Insta - 1200 RU - nice defence item for low ping players (its not fair!), mainly for kill nukers, flamers or for kill players with metal/rubber/spy suit

    Ape Cannon - 650 RU - good only for closed maps (niven, biohazard, vember bases...). but who know use it can rape with this gun

    Flame Thower - 2900 RU - if you know how use it, you can recover all ru that you used for make it, and you still can burn everything while make bombs on core... i dont like this gun its too powerful, and currently its a luck item...

    MegaHealth - ?, rubber/spy + mega health? you can get too many head shots, fall in a lot of mines that you will not die! idk what value is good... keep it only on mid =)
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