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    Team 4 Admins (Thank you)

    Hey guys, this is Kron`- here just saying thank you to everyone who played on my team this season or was even just a part of my team this season (well pretty much Moskva's team). Even you Sovvie and Dewsick. I had a GREAT time playing with you guys and we made it pretty far. Since we lost I think it's safe to say that we didn't cheat. If we won, they yeah we cheated ofc.

    But anyways, I guess I'll say a little something about all of our players.

    Moskva: Thanks for taking leadership and control when I pretty much fell of the map like halfway through. Even though you rage like an angered chimp mother flinging poopoo. You are a great captain and a great admin. Idk about player though. Choking hardcore in players like a real n***a.

    SW: I personally think you did a great job as the head admin. I know that some of the decisions you made were kind of on the fence and some people took offense to it, but you stuck with your choices and never faltered, showing great poise and charisma. You were basically my lone fragger with Rays this season and you showed that the 925 score you were given was wrong. Should've been right under me son.

    Rays: You're humor and non chalant game play was much appreciated for this team. We never really had a "serious" match until the finals when we were all screaming at each other on vember. But yes, you held D well and I do give you permission to fuck my bitch.

    Blackshoot: You were only with us for a couple weeks even though I wanted you for the whole season. What can I say, you attacking is like an art. I LOVE attacking with you because we have pretty good chemistry and the noises and sounds you make are absolutely hilarious. I try to chime in with your tune but since me no speaki espanole, it no worky good.

    Choco: You played absolutely 0 minutes for us, but the fact that you were always there as a sub was great man! Just like the good ol' jb days you were there when needed and I knew I could count on you. I'm sad you didn't get to play since it was crunch time playoffs when you joined us, but hey, still love ya.

    Ice: You dirty white trash hippie fuck. Glad you got the opportunity to actually play in matches this season, and man was it fun. The fact that you didn't fail your nukes on BlackRiver amazes pretty much everyone. Especially since you used a damn jetpack from our core when we had mountain tele. Always love your humor and thanks for the help this season!

    Dewsuck: You are something else man. I'm glad I had yet another season with the British bastard himself, making dirty jokes and talking shit while playing. "Oh headshot, yeah that guy sucks" And the usual "this is boring guys" when you wait after you kill everyone. Sad to say we could've used you plenty this season but you're dumb ass was always busy. Probably strumming your guitar with your tiny dick.

    Sovvie: <######################### You didn't play with us either, but hey, we picked you and we loved you! You actually beat us now that I think about it... yikes what a mistake by us! Anyways always gotta love having sovvie for anything you do! She is a ball of fun and energy on ts that everyone enjoys. I mean we wouldn't have made it to finals without her.

    Grim: Fuck you.

    Humpty: The only IG guy that actually stuck with us through the whole season! We drafted all the IG players actually haha. But this guy actually gave siege a chance and I believe that with some practice and knowledge he could be deadly. The best part of my season still comes from him "What's this spinning red thing" - Humpty "That's a tele humpty, kill it" - All of us "How do i kill it guys?" - Humpty.... We now know that Humpty wasnt the reason we lost to TDM on bathrooms

    Rest of IG Guys: Well, at least you stayed in our IRC channel for us haha. We had high hopes for you all but you can't win them all I guess! Maybe next year I say!

    I wish I could make videos and shit like Convict, but I can't, so that's that.

    Again, I had a GREAT season and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even when we lost we were still laughing and having a good time screaming and what not. See you guys next season hopefully! Gotta remind me of this shit else I won't show!


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    Had a great time playing with you guys, probably the season I had more fun
    Need Sovvie to help me with anger management, been hanging with Convict too much lately
    Season ranks: MLSG - #45 Semis, MLSG II - #38 Finals, MLSG III - #34 Finals, GU.Siege - #32 5th Place, IST - #11 CHAMPION

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    Lol, nice words towards grim too bad he won't reply anytime soon
    "What's Yours Is Mine" Garret Thief (2013)
    Roberto Gmez Bolaos "Chespirito" fue si querer queriendo. You'll be missed.

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    if im captain for MLSG IV, im resurrecting the TnC bitchs!

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    I only wish I could have been on a team as good as ours this year earlier in my MLSG career. No regrets though, thanks goes out to not only my teammates but everyone for making another season happen. I personally think steps were taken in the right direction during this season and it's refreshing to see people still play in a season when siege is put through a couple changes. I'll be lingering around until the next season comes up, TDM deserves a lot of credit for taking the high road to the finals and winning convincingly in both of their matches.

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    YO sw paypal me!

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    Give my money to the poor people in the world 8-)

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    Lmao. <###### kronny. I had mixed feelings about playing against you ;( but two rings does feel nice! Lolz Aw humpty <333

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    did we win ?

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