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    ts error message! cant connect to uk ts!

    the uk ts needs the latest ts update, and i cant download it. any help ?? when the download gets to about 60 - 65% done, a message comes up and says this ( when i hit details)
    Previous update session for v. 1361977727 found
    Starting update process
    Download / check product ini
    Compiling download and replace list
    No downloads needed
    Starting file updates
    add/replace QtCore4.dll._z_
    add/replace QtGui4.dll._z_
    add/replace QtNetwork4.dll._z_
    add/replace QtSql4.dll._z_
    add/replace accessible/qtaccessiblewidgets4.dll._z_
    add/replace changelog.txt._z_
    add/replace error_report.exe._z_
    add/replace imageformats/qgif4.dll._z_
    Could not delete 'C:/Documents and Settings/Zac/Desktop/TeamSpeak 3 Client/imageformats/_old_qgif4.dll'
    rolling back file updates
    Update cancelled

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    Here's your problem

    Could not delete 'C:/Documents and Settings/Zac/Desktop/TeamSpeak 3 Client/imageformats/_old_qgif4.dll'

    Delete it or uninstall it first then dl it again.

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    I've heard a lot of peoples were having problem. I told them to go to the Teamspeak web site and download the newest update... and it worked. for uscript discussion.

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