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Thread: CTF-'Z-'Zac

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    I dont know why but my screenshots couldnt upload. so i need to use extreme detailed details.
    1. the base is a 5 sided shape it is very wide and the length is kind of half the size of the width
    2. has UTtech1 textures, kind of textures like in relentless,november/bluevember/etc.
    3. 2 ways into the base, both on the oposite side of the core wall, one on the right side that is 1/2 the size of the right side. the second is a little to the left of the core but on the oposite side. this side has 2 doors that open to the sides. these 2 way lead to a small infront of base hallway mid that connects the 2 entrances together. outside the doors are 2 exits/entrances. 1 is right infront of the doors about 2 frontflips infront and this little halwlay that is kinda curved so that you cant see ' down ' this little hallway. to the left of this lil hallway is a long hallway that is the shape of an S but thinner and is twice the size of the other as i said earlier. these lead to 2 lava ' ponds' and ocne you fall into them, you cant get out cuz its too low and the edge is so high these 2 pongs are seperated by a pillar.
    4. the spawns are on the left side of the door facing away from the core. there are 24 in total i think and are in a 90 degree angle at the corner.
    5. Mid is between each lava pond areas on each side. mid has 3 bridges. 1 on each side that go up to a flat ground with some plants in a box, and down to the other side. about at a 125 degree angle i say. the 1 in the middle goes up by a slight angle and the peak is where the mid spawn is. the mid spawn is in a hole in the pillar and the only way to get to the item is to piston up to it. the mid has 2 walls that block off fire from each of the sides.
    6. the nukeroom is right above mid in a kind of simplex-y way. is an upside down trapazoid attached to the cieling with 2 entrances on the sides above each plant box. to get up there, you need to piston and boots. the nuke room is kind of big but has 2 pillars in the middle that can block off ripper spam to protect a tele, nuke, etc. rippers can easily bounce off the ceiling fron the plant box area and can hit nukes if the nukes arent in between the 2 pillars - or with a very well placed crosshair, it can kill a nuke between the pillars.
    7. the gameplay should kinda of be like relentless by a slight bit but not exactly. the nuke room or so called ' top area' like in relentless is a very powerful spot to hold. the core can be from anywhere in the base but can be blocked from the 2 entrances with just 2 or 3 containers around the core to suppress the projectiles.
    8. the map has a secret, a dirty lil secret. the only tip i have to put is mid,lava,2 minutes.
    i could probably put a few screenshots tomorrow because i think imageuploader or whatever its called will be able to upload the sshots. enjoy the map! thank you!

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    Put Zacs map on the server SAM! + sounds good zac cant wait to play it ON THE SERVER.

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    I would have to check this later... for uscript discussion.

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