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    Idea: Siege Rules Window.

    I just remember my idea from about a year ago when there was a lot of people breaking rules back then.

    What i first posted. (Additional:Other people seemed to like it)

    Quote Originally Posted by Disturbed//*. View Post
    A set or PERMANENT rules, would be good for siege. Seems to be !Rules dont work.
    Maybe make a Message about rules, When you enter sever, A Message pops up(like a Windowed PM) And you must AGREE To the rules in order to play, If you agree to rules and break them. Consequences shall be taken for those actions. That way you HAVE To see the rules in order to play.

    -Maybe you don't like it buts it's a thought.
    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|lotrfan67 View Post
    I agree with Disturbed here if people agree to tick the box that they agree they should be punished accordingly to the rule that they broke.
    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|kenneth View Post
    i also want to add if this is gonna happen can someone translate it to spanish, so people can choose which language they want.
    I'll restate my post:

    You open UT connect to siege server.
    You get Disconnected( NOT a kick or anything)
    This window pops up explaining all the rules for siege and all the consequences if broken.
    Below that you must make an account in ordered to play.
    You will have to make and account with email. Also get to use a password to long in( Don't let others use it)
    Once you get that all done, you must CHECK MARK saying that you agree to all the rules and all the consenquences for them.
    Then if you break the rules. Say a person come on forums saying I was banned blah blah blah. Please Unbann me, we should say NO.
    Reason Why is because they Checked marked and AGREED to all the rules.

    Window idea is from I4games when you make account i thought it would be cool for siege and make it for rules.

    Like this. Could replace everything to UnrealKillers Standars. Would have to ask I4G if we could use it. Like i said JUST A THOUGHT!
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    that just seem to be much of a waste of time, people are just there to play not register for anything. It's their fault for breaking the rules, its their job to figure it out not the admins. Also you will still have the same problem of getting ban blaming a family member because most people will just check the box of remeber me all the time. If not lots of people will be pissed of someone taking their spot because they will be too slow typing their user and pw.
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    The Rules are Garbage !! Admins have certain friends/favorite players that they let "Slide" all the time. Ive received a 100 game ban, for doing something that i see people do EVERYNIGHT, and dont get punished for. I dont think the point is to make people understand the rules, as much as it is to have them enforced EQUALLY. The small community that plays seige has played here long enough to know what you can and cannot do. Somehow, it should be embedded in the game. That if you break a rule, you just get auto-disconnect . . .

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