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Thread: MLSG - Hiatus

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    MLSG - Hiatus

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for the feedback on season III, this feedback is always valuable to future leagues and games.

    I'd like to announce that Major League Siege will be taking a Hiatus from events. This means no future MLSG leagues are planned. However, this does not mean Siege Tournaments are put on hold.

    You should expect an announcement for a Siege tournament very soon. This siege tournament will most likely not be taking place on Prounreal :: News & Articles , the parent website of MLSG.

    Please continue to play one of the best mods in Unreal Tournament 1999. Be sure to thank everyone who participated and made possible the MLSG Leagues.

    We'll see you soon..

    MLSG is registered under the PROunreal trademark.
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    dayum, this cella-champ with 585 salary will go down in history forever.

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