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    Moko's Art Archive - First Quarter - 2013:

    Okay Granted I still have 6 days but linking is a pain and I finally got in the mood! xD
    All CG is done by mouse, you can probably see the improvement as you look at images since I'm getting used to a mouse now! xD

    Furry Friends:
    Original Concept Art

    Angel (CG)
    Who Am I? (CG)
    FTR Logo (CG)
    Maiko on a rock (Trad)

    Close up Series:
    Angel – Resized smaller due to slow uploading

    Traditional Art:
    Sunflowers 1
    Elf Lady
    Hummingbird and Vine
    Springtime Contrast
    Italiana Cucina
    Sunflowers 2
    Springtime bulbs
    Hrvatska Moja Slava

    Cosmic Dancer 1
    Cosmic Dancer 2
    Broken Heart of Stone
    Fireflies - In loving memory of Bunnyhopper! xD
    La Esperanza Logo 1
    La Esperanza Logo 2

    I surely don't expect people looking at all of this! Lol
    But I hope whatever you might have looked at you enjoyed!

    ~ God Bless~

    ~ Moko

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