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    Unacceptable But now laughable

    Ive been trying for awhile to speak to an adult in this forum. I would try once to register. Quit. Remember a week later about it try again. A month later jump in irc and talk to some other idiot. And finally I message the webmaster a polite message regarding my ban. Insta-banned email from the forums and everything else. That's a nice how-do-you-do.

    I actually was pretty upset because I missed playing instagib from the moment the game came out. When I decided to bypass your dumb forum banning and take a good look around I realized I wasn't missing much. A bunch of baby adults taking this shit way too serious.

    I can only assume the reason I wasn't given even a chance to talk on the forum for an appeal or to an admin personally was I used to own one of you back in the day......or you're on the rag cuz your mom wont bring you any more hot pockets and mt dew to your basement dungeon. Or you think Im someone else you've already dealt with. In any case you'd be wrong.

    Thanks for reminding why anal retentive power trippers like yourselves brought the game down sooner then it's due date.

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    wow umad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    A bunch of baby adults taking this shit way too serious.
    Say what?
    [ACEv08h]: +---------------------------------------------------------------+
    [ACEv08h]: |                          Player Kick                          |
    [ACEv08h]: +---------------------------------------------------------------+
    [ACEv08h]: PlayerName...: Dracula
    [ACEv08h]: PlayerIP.....:
    [ACEv08h]: OS...........: Microsoft Windows 7/2008 R2 x64 (Version: 6.1.7601)
    [ACEv08h]: CPU..........: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU         870  @ 2.93GHz
    [ACEv08h]: CPUSpeed.....: 2921.706284 Mhz Measured - 2926.039152 Mhz Reported
    [ACEv08h]: NICDesc......: Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet
    [ACEv08h]: MACHash1.....: D9401BC8CE5493FA81CFF46D1069965D
    [ACEv08h]: MACHash2.....: D9401BC8CE5493FA81CFF46D1069965D
    [ACEv08h]: HWID.........: 0CCA591D4D4BB6DB842D52F1056A62EE
    [ACEv08h]: UTVersion....: 436
    [ACEv08h]: Renderer.....: D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice
    [ACEv08h]: SoundDevice..: Galaxy.GalaxyAudioSubsystem
    [ACEv08h]: CommandLine..: <none>
    [ACEv08h]: KickReason...: VTable Hook
    [ACEv08h]: TimeStamp....: 07-02-2013 / 19:40:47
    [ACEv08h]: +---------------------------------------------------------------+
    [ACEv08h]: | Extra Info                                                    |
    [ACEv08h]: +---------------------------------------------------------------+
    [ACEv08h]: ModuleHandle.: 0x10300000
    [ACEv08h]: ModuleName...: Engine.dll
    [ACEv08h]: HookedObject.: Font Engine.SmallFont
    [ACEv08h]: HookedEntry..: 3
    [ACEv08h]: Found........: 0x20813340 -> Unknown Module!Unknown Function+0x0000
    [ACEv08h]: +---------------------------------------------------------------+
    [ACEv08h]: | Screenshot Status                                             |
    [ACEv08h]: +---------------------------------------------------------------+
    [ACEv08h]: Success......: TRUE
    [ACEv08h]: FileName.....: ../Shots/[ACE] - zp_   _  - =  _  C  O  M  B  O  I  N  S  T  A  G  I  B  _  = - combogib by www.unrealkillers.com_2013.
    [ACEv08h]: +---------------------------------------------------------------+

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    How did you know i eat hot pockets and drink mountain dew? But who the fuck are you?

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    real niggaz dont rage on the forums about a ban. plus, you said AND I QUOTE
    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|chiseller View Post
    A bunch of baby adults taking this shit way too serious.
    ( quoted from chis's post) lol and youre the one on here talking about a ban ON A GAME that you were so called CHEATING on. who takes this shit way to serious now? fucken tourists

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    rofl I was hoping to post the log myself

    I'll give you some credit for trying to make yourself look good, what makes me laugh is "back in the day" you were probably cheating occasionally too and no one would have known cause there wasnt many ways to catch a bot other than the human eye.

    I think you've just eaten all the useless TLR bullshit you wrote in your post


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    Uhm. As far as I'm aware, no one banned your email address and whatever else you claim. FYI. If you were that guy who emailed that you were only showing your GF blady blady blah, well there's a reason why I didn't respond. That's the stupidest excuse I ever heard. Hence why no response.

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    Seems you picked the wrong server to try to 'show off' to your girl friend. And the Adults around here 'usually' wont reply to an idiotic senseless plea for forgiveness, when it's obvious he who is pleading is not an adult.

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    This moron was in #MLSG. and guess who the idiot is now? You. Enjoy the ban fucktard.

    (13:50:52) (+[SITE]Guest1738) my fault i was in other window. yes i kno i was caught with a bot. im 33 yrs old and played since the old days. ran my own servers and what not. i doubt ill be heard but i literally googled a bot for the first time since i installed ut in 1999 just to mess around. I mean i wasnt literally trying to hide it whatsoever. i was flat out curious. understandable no give on the rules but without explanation and Ive never gave trouble in those servers.
    (13:52:00) (+[SITE]Guest1738) i literally was curious. i regret it. and being as i played 255/55 247 ur server holds the only link to my past just asking for leniency
    (13:52:12) (+[SITE]Guest1738) 155/55 lgi 247
    (13:55:59) (+[SITE]Guest1738) if i can just make a plea on forums where this stuff goes i guess thats all im asking for. cant register even though.
    (13:56:48) (+unrealshots) Tbh everyone has to serve their 6months no way of getting out of it
    (13:57:09) (+[SITE]Guest1738) i kno exceptions can be made. we aint kids anymore
    13:57:27) (+unrealshots) no but downloading a bot and going into a server to cheat is kid stuff.
    (13:58:59) (+[SITE]Guest1738) i fought against cheating my entire time playing. i was simply curious what people used to use. lo and behold only your servers caught the one i tested. all my other favorites didnt. that told me something.
    (14:01:49) (+[SITE]Guest1738) adult heads should prevail here. its not like the community is growing. alienating passionate ut99 players doesnt seem like good biz
    Last edited by UNrealshots; 04-21-2013 at 03:08 AM.

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    rofl *cracks his pants*

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