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    Trans past SC NOT FIXED

    I was playing Clarion[SwS] today when a thought occurred to me that I had used the trans to get into my own core on ClarionUltimate. After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally got into red core and destroyed every single nuke, racking up 9 nkkls and 3 ragequits.


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    Clearly a misbuilt SC.
    Although... the trans issue goes beyond the translocator itself, it's a whole engine problem I couldn't fix 100%.
    It still works for 99% of cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    I finally got into red core and destroyed every single nuke, racking up 9 nkkls and 3 ragequits.
    Alucard approves
    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|UNrealshots View Post
    You're playing a game that came out in 1999 in the year 2012 who is the fucking nerd here?
    All of us. Enjoy.

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    I have to agree with Higor on this, I have seen many SC's badly built on clarion, normally too far back and that allows you to trans in by the step in the door.

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    you're supposed to build it outwards so that the buildings as well as the core inside takes less damage with each nuke hit

    noobs these days.

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