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    MLCTF XXV : Normal Weapons CTF : Signups Open

    MLCTF XXV Promo Video

    A New Dawn, A New Day
    • No one was satisfied with the way MLCTF XXIV ended. Millions of fans on two continents were robbed of the thrilling culmination by uncontrollable events. It's time to turn the page and start anew, and prounreal and MLUT are proud to bring you MLCTF XXV, the Silver Anniversary Edition. The format will be similar to MLCTF XXIV, but we're hellbent on seeing this one through to the end. We're pleased to announce that negotiations are currently underway with our friends at GlobalUnreal to make sure that the great UT weapons community does not become divided. We have every expectation that these talks will lead to a new agreement on a NewNet enabled Championship Round, but rest assured that all contingencies have been planned for this time around. We WILL crown a world champion at the end of this tournament!

    Signup for MLCTF XXV

    • Season/Playoff Format
    • Captain/Co-Captain System (See Below)
    • Two Conferences: Europe and America
    • 8-12 Teams per Conference, depending on signups
    • Two Divisions per Conference
    • 7-8 players per team, depending on signups
    • Players Salaries will range from $100 to $1000, ordered according to skill level as ranked by the community
    • Three to five week Regular Season, depending on number of teams
    • No TieBreakers for Regular Season matches
    • Top 3-4 teams from each Division make Playoffs
    • Three week Playoffs
    • The championship round will feature both a first place match and a third place match. Maps will be selected in a "vote-off" system by team captains.
    • Captain/Co-Captain System

      • We are seeking 8-12 Captains per Conference, and we are allowing all Captains to select their Co-Captain before the draft. The highest combined salary will pick last in the first round of the draft, and there will be a round cap to ensure parity for the first round only.
      • There is no Captain signup link at this time. If you wish to be considered for Captain, determine your Co-Captain and pm one of the Admins in #mlut on to apply.
      • Re-Schedules will be permitted, but both captains must agree to the reschedule time and contact an Admin no later than 2 hours before their scheduled match time.

    • New Scheduling System:

      • Each team captain will eliminate three days that his team will not play.
      • Based on the opposing captain's coinciding scheduling wishes, the MLUT Admin team will select the day for the match to be held. Team captains will then agree to one of the following match times: 8, 9, or 10 pm EST.
      • Example: sorn eliminates Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. nanm eliminates Monday, Friday and Saturday, leaving Sunday and Wednesday as possible match days. The Admin team will then select the day and the captains will agree to a match time. Should the captains be unable to come to an agreement the Admins will select the time.

    • Maplist

      • CTF-AreaN23-LE103

    Match Admins

    • As always, we're looking for additional reliable and trustworthy members of the community to volunteer their time as match admins. You must be able to work well with others, and be willing to read and enforce the league rules. PM an Admin in #mlut (globalgamers) if you are interested.

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    Love the video.
    When does it start approximately?

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    Can i join a team?
    :<Rage Quiting since '92>:

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    sorry i guess it's a bit unclear i made the announcement for our own board where everyone already knows the deal and didn't edit it much for posting here.

    it's a draft style league- if you are familiar with the way ML Siege worked this is similar. Captains will be selected from willing volunteers and we will hold a draft using a bot on IRC. Those not selected in the draft will be place in a free agent pool and will still have a chance to play later on in the season when captains adjust their rosters based on players' activity.

    The draft will most likely be the 25th, with play starting June 1. It is possible this timetable could be pushed back one week. For an idea of the style of play, check out this link to our Euro conference Finals from last season.

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    Sounds interesting. However for players to be picked, they need to be "known". How will you score salary for players / sign ups that you do receive from here?

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    If they are somewhat "new" or "unknown" the most reasonable system is to rate them at $100 and they end up on a team for sure (if he/she plays or not is a whole different story)
    Season ranks: MLSG - #45 Semis, MLSG II - #38 Finals, MLSG III - #34 Finals, GU.Siege - #32 5th Place, IST - #11 CHAMPION

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    my best advice is to show up in #mlut or #upug on and try pugging. upug generally has lower skilled players pugging compared to mlut so that might be the place to start. the honest truth is that if you are very new to weapons, you probably won't play in a real match. but if you are actively pugging and trying to improve, you may get drafted to a team, and start the learning process that leads to becoming a great weapons player. i wholeheartedly feel like good ole fashioned CTF is the best mod in UT. It takes a while to learn, but once you do it is very enthralling.

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