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    GlobalUnreal/UnrealKillers Partnership

    "never trust a man with a mustache."

    This old saying kept these two Unreal heads of state out of the same room for quite some time but after much back and forth, the two sides were able to come to agreements and reach deals pertaining to a future direction for Unreal Tournament.

    GlobalUnreal houses competitive UT leagues, tournaments and pickup games however that makes up just one portion of the overall Unreal Tournament community. Over the years, Shiva and his right-hand man Sam have built up a formidable pub network and have kept the pubbing scene alive and kicking for several gametypes. Both communities have done well on their own, however the untapped potential from working together is enormous and we plan on maximizing it. Healthy pubs and strong hubs will be key to sustained growth and long-term success.

    At the moment, the UK network sees 1000's of players who might have no idea that a competitive scene exists or where to even find it. This will be remedied by notifying players about, alerting them of pug statuses and giving them easy to use options for how to get on IRC (there is even a guide for how to get started). On the flipside, all users using default UT IRC will connect to GlobalUnreal affiliated channels by default. Via IRC scripts, they will be alerted about the online communities and redirected to the UK pub network. Eloy's GlobalUnreal pub will be joining the UK pub network and all of the GU/UK servers will be running the most up-to-date versions of newnet as the mod progresses.

    Shiva and myself would both like to see Unreal Tournament thriving for the next decade and beyond and as the heads of our respective communities, we will do our best to make sure that it happens. Together we stand and divided we fall but simply standing can get tedious so we are going to make sure that we keep moving forward.

    In the upcoming weeks and months, there will be several small and large announcements regarding ongoing projects and collaborations. A lot of work has gone into getting us where we are now and a lot of work will need to be put in to get us where we want to go. I'll end this post by saying: stay involved and stay tuned.



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    A partnership? Thats really good news to hear. A partnership between 2 of the most well known UT99 communitys will do well for traffic and to get more players trying more gametypes and maybe bringing some old players back to the game. I think this is the step in the right direction to help make this one kick ass game last for another 10 years. Cheers to the years it has lasted and Cheers to another 10 years! Good job you guys

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    This has been in the pipeworks for such a long time. I've just been waiting for it to be announced.

    This is definitely the right step forward in times of dwindling player numbers. Having said that, combining to of the arguably most influential communities will no doubt have anything but a positive affect on the UnrealTournament scene.

    Going forwards we will be adding GU as affiliates on all servers. We will also be publically branding GU wherever possible. On scrolls, MOTD etc (this will be vice versa also)

    Let's all push look forward to incorporating pub and pug closely, generating a bigger and more competitive player base for both scenes. With the normal weapons pug a newer thing at #upug, this would be a fitting time to also open an NW server to promote this further, which should be coming soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by PACO View Post
    "never trust a man with a mustache."
    So true, last time this happened it didn't turned out so well

    Lets hope this time the world has learned from their mistakes and the horrors of the past are not repeated again.

    May the future be filled with peace and harmony for all communities around the worlds...I move forward with caution but with great hope that one day

    All peoples of UT would live and coincide as one.

    May the Siege Gods bless us all.


    SogeKing, The Best Nuka Of all Time.
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    Congrats, now lets get back to some epic siege pugs please!

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