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    Internet problem

    So i forgot my internet password , and i cant access to the internet via my lap top
    Any ideas ?

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    Call your ISP?
    As long as you know your contract name/username you should be fine.

    My ISP provides the customers with matching usernames/passwords to make things easier

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    Don't you have a reset button on your router, to restore it to default? If you have the password for that.

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    All routers have a tiny hole where u can insert something like a pin and resets your router but remember you have to call your ISP to set it up again LOL

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    assuming you have windows, if you have another computer with the password in memory you can see that by some simple clics.
    if you haven't another computer with the pass in memory but you have internet access by the cable (a little i assume this by what you write) you should enter in the router's configuration by writing your default gateway (write ipconfig in your command prompt "cmd.exe" to find it out) in the url's browser bar (see google to find your specific default router's pasword, usually it is user: admin pass: admin or user: admin pass: 1234 or user: <nothing> pass <nothing> or something similar) once inside just find the wireless security seccion and put a new wifi password.
    if you changed the router's password in the past and you don't remember, reset your router as above said (just find a very small and hidden button and press it for a couple of seconds... your router's password should be as default then)

    @[email protected] maybe this info is helpful for you too, you should also see for DHCP section to see who is using your wifi... bad and happy neighbours >:]

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