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Thread: Killer Man

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    Killer Man

    Moderator: ][X][~FLuKE~][X][_{HoF}
    Server: - ] One Night Stand [ -
    Player: Killer Man
    Infraction: Removing

    EDIT : penalty : Upgraded to perma ban from 50 matches as fleece and chis have let me know this player has somehow got around a ban and was already perma banned.

    Player was removing at the start of a game, did it twice so i sent a windowed warning to stop removing builds, then did it again right after they clearly read the warning (player stops moving)

    this was the same time as the MOrd and MnM bans.


    PS: apologies to RP Toxi for the mistake ban which i removed right away, its early on a sunday morning and havent had mah coffee yet.
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    that's understandable on a Sunday morning ][X][~FLuKE~][X][_{HoF} takes me ages to come round on a Sunday 6 coffee's and i am good to go lol

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