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    Regarding Binds in new version.

    ZeroPingPlus is not being used anymore and the version change is affecting some of the user's binds.
    So I'll clarify here:

    - Enforcer, ShockRifle and SniperRifle.
    The weapon classnames are: sgEnforcer, zp_ShockRifle and zp_SniperRifle.
    The best way to bind those with ZeroPing compatibility is using these (as of 0007):
    mutate getweapon zp_sn
    mutate getweapon zp_sh
    mutate getweapon zp_e

    mutate fixbinds (use this once, should automatically generate the zp_sn binds and correct old binds)

    - Nukes
    Class name is sgNukeLauncher

    - Constructor
    SelectMode (cat) (build) -> this works as SetMode but also selects constructor, SiegeIV's SelectMode brings up the constructor with 0 delay although it's kinda buggy.
    Class name is sgConstructor

    - Minigun and Pulse gun
    Class names are sgMinigun, sgPulseGun

    - Hyper Leecher, Flamethrower, Pulse rifle, Instagib rifle
    Class names are HyperLeecher, FlameThrower, AsmdPulseRifle, SiegeInstagibRifle

    - Translocator (0007>)

    In all of the above cases, adding "SiegeIV_0007." before the weapon name may fix possible issues.
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    Solo se necesita cambiar los nombres y con eso basta? No entiendo estoinstalled on your local UT.
    If that's the case, add the package name on the GetWeapon bind (ex: SiegeIV_0003.zp_SniperRifle)

    Go Away....

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    Pasa que si tu UT carga otro zp_SniperRifle antes que este (por tener instalado ZeroPing en el UT), el bind va a tratar de agarrar este rifle en lugar del otro.

    The bind catches the weapon that was first loaded with said name, unless you specify a package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higor View Post
    Joining a server with a different Siege version, joining a server with ZeroPing, having ZeroPing or other Sieges installed on your local UT.

    That is EASY to solve/avoid, once you have your User.ini set how you like it, right click User.ini, click properties and check the box to make it "Read Only" then click apply, then it wont matter what server you join, it will not be able to alter anything in your User.ini (if you need to edit it yourself again, dont forget to uncheck read only first and set it back once finished editing)

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    It's not a matter of INIs, it's a matter of internal iterators.
    Once the game loads this class: Sample1.class1, every bind pointing to "class1" will use Sample1.class1, even if you load Sample2.class1, Sample3.class1, etc.

    GetWeapon is a console command, console commands are parsed from strings.
    First, the game's Engine finds the owner of the EXEC function and prepares the parameters set for it, in this case it's PlayerPawn.GetWeapon( class<Weapon> newWeapon).
    The parameter set is a struct with 1 element of the type StaticClass.

    The engine allocates not only actors, but also the classes they are instantiated from in memory, as another UObject subtype:
    - When you need to spawn or instantiate an object, you MUST load the StaticClass first, in this case class'ZeroPingPlus103.zp_SniperRifle' is stored.
    - When we join the second server, another static class is loaded: class'SiegeIV_0001.zp_SniperRifle' is stored.
    - The ConsoleCommand is parsed in a way so that the first word is the EXEC FUNCTION, and the remaining ones the parameters, in the real case of string "zp_SniperRifle", it is turned into a 'name' type and scanned in the 'name table'.
    >> If name not found, then the class was clearly not loaded, here we get an accessed none with invalid class RETURN HERE;
    - Once found in the 'name table' (names for all loaded objects and name literals), the CORE runs a full game object iterator in order to find the static class.

    What is the full Object iterator?
    This iterator has been implemented in Unreal Engine 2 an on, but it does exist in Unreal Engine 1 without uScript implementation, it is called internally when processing strings into other things, most commonly by SET and SetPropertyText functions.
    When you type a texture name in the Unreal Editor textbox, or when you write a new Tag, an object iterator is run.
    The object iterator checks EVERYTHING and returns the first element found.

    This is what the object table looks like (silly sample)
    - class'Core.Object'
    - class'Engine.GameEngine'
    - Transient.GameEngine (instantiated from above class)
    - all rendering iterators and subsystems (audio, input, etc) (classes and objects)
    - class'Engine.Player'
    - class'Engine.ViewPort'
    - class'Engine.WindowsViewPort'
    - Transient.WindowsViewPort0 (this is your player controller, it attaches itself to every player pawn you control and subsists map switches)
    - class'Engine.Console'
    - .... etc
    - class'Engine.Level'
    - (MapName).Level0 (the map's XLevel object, responsible for ticking all actors)
    - class'Engine.Actor'
    - class'Engine.Info'
    - class'Engine.ZoneInfo'
    - class'Engine.LevelInfo'
    - (MapName).LevelInfo0 (map's levelInfo actor, this is actor 0 in the XLevel's Actor array which AllActors iterator runs on)
    - ... etc
    - class'ZeroPingPlus103'.zp_SniperRifle'
    - ... there are no instantiated zp_SniperRifle actors if we already left this game
    - class'SiegeIV_0003.zp_SniperRifle' > we joined the pug server
    - (MapName).zp_SniperRifle305 > our weapon if we're playing in this pug server

    Here's how it goes:
    When the engine has to parse a string parameter into a StaticClass it has 2 ways of doing it, both through the Object iterator which finds objects of type StaticClass, then compares name using any of these criterias depending on the parameter used:
    - text.text > iterator does a full matching search of StaticClass name.
    - text > iterator does a partial search of the StaticClass name (to the right of the DOT) (class'blah.text' is a valid result).
    The iterator RETURNS at the first element found.

    Which is why, when using a bind without PACKAGE NAME, you should restart the game when you're switching servers.
    Did i explain myself?
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    Yep, it's like compiling a package too.
    I generally set the default properties like "SomeClass=Stuff" rather than "SomeClass=Class'SomePackage.Stuff", so in case change the dependencies name or the name of the package itself it will bind to the one loaded.
    However if there's already a class "Stuff" somewhere first in the dependencies, that's the one going to be used (if it belongs to the same super class), so I am always careful to give my classes a unique name.

    Some UEd bugs also exist due to this as well. If you try to load 2 classes of the same name, it will only load up and open the first one. That's why in order to avoid problems, no one should host or build classes with equal names in the same game, and as for the binds, is just like Higor just stated.

    But this begs the question:
    @Higor: Why don't you change the name of your zp weapons to something like sgzp_SniperRifle for example? (I understand it is for people to keep their bindings intact and be transparent to them, but it seems that it causes more harm than good, and players can always rebind their keys or pipe bind)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feralidragon View Post
    Higor: Why don't you change the name of your zp weapons to something like sgzp_SniperRifle for example? (I understand it is for people to keep their bindings intact and be transparent to them, but it seems that it causes more harm than good, and players can always rebind their keys or pipe bind)
    Most of the multiple classes loaded come from the public server which hasn't been updated yet, I also take into account that most popular servers are running GlobalUnreal instead of ZeroPing which adds to my decision, it's something time will help solve.
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    whoever it was that changed the pug server and gu siege sever setup to not have zeroping set up on it. I would reconsider changing anything in the future cause next time i find out who it was you wont have access ever again.

    whoever it was you fucked up the game vs tbs and ae. its competitive play and you're changing setups without changing it back to what it was.

    I appreciate changes will happen but everyone participating in the tournament expects the servers to be ready to play on, it created a shitstorm of accusations directed at myself and I wont be letting that happen again so whoever it was I suggest you dont overlook this comment

    p.s. higor the weapons suck without zp just a heads up.

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    Change the fucking weapon order FOR GOD SHAKE

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    how about putting some newnet in siege? *flies away*
    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|UNrealshots View Post
    You're playing a game that came out in 1999 in the year 2012 who is the fucking nerd here?
    All of us. Enjoy.

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