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Thread: oh this is good

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    oh this is good

    <Spiderman> hey
    <Convict> hi
    <Spiderman> Team Points W L T MW ML MF NDP - DMW DML DMF NDDP
    <Spiderman> what in W L T ?
    <Convict> ur kidding right?
    <Convict> win loss tie
    <Spiderman> but
    <Spiderman> what the diff then its as MW ML DMW DML
    <Spiderman> dev and reg i know
    <Convict> map win loss
    <Spiderman> W L T r total ? match wins or map wins ?
    <Convict> development win loss
    <Convict> DML
    <Convict> devs vs regular
    <Spiderman> then what 1st collum idicates ?
    <Convict> wins losses and ties
    <Convict> MW = regular map win
    <Spiderman> of all matches or maps ?
    <Convict> dmw = development map win
    <Spiderman> i know it dude
    <Convict> i don't know how i can explain it any better
    <Convict> what don't you understand
    <Spiderman> m saying W L T is of all matches or maps ?
    <Convict> no
    <Convict> just regular
    <Spiderman> only regular ?
    <Convict> yes only regular in W L T
    <Convict> for devs just look at DMW columb
    <Convict> column
    <Spiderman> i think MW is maps win instead of match win
    <Convict> dude thats what i just said
    <Spiderman> and W L T is match win lost tie
    <Convict> rofl jesus christ
    <Spiderman> lol
    <Convict> its overall map wins losses and ties
    <Spiderman> then its wrong
    <Convict> for regular matches
    <Convict> no its no fucking wrong
    <Convict> there is just something wrong with you
    <Spiderman> why only included reg ?
    <Convict> because devs are only worth 2 points
    <Convict> they are included
    <Convict> rofl
    <Convict> jesus
    <Spiderman> dude
    <Spiderman> see for my team
    <Spiderman> 2mp
    <Spiderman> W = 0 wtf
    <Convict> yea you have not won a regular match
    <Convict> both maps
    <Convict> so 0 wins
    <Convict> in devs you have 2 map wins and 2 map losses
    <Convict> and must have a reschedule too
    <Convict> its right
    <Spiderman> ok then dude there must be W L T also for dev
    <Convict> no there doesn't have to be
    <Convict> its not going to be 20 columns
    <Spiderman> ya resch
    <Convict> just look at dmw wins for total map wins
    <Convict> each map win is 1 point
    <Convict> its right
    <Spiderman> ya
    <Convict> go ahead and make your own column
    <Convict> for development matches
    <Convict> lol
    <Spiderman> and match win = 3 ?
    <Spiderman> of dev
    <Spiderman> there must be dude
    <Convict> regular match = 6 points
    <Convict> 3 points for win each map
    <Convict> development match = 2 points
    <Convict> 1 point for each map win
    <Convict> i'm not going to explain it anymore
    <Spiderman> lol ok and no bonus ?
    <Convict> i'm pasting this conversation on the forums
    <Convict> lol
    <Spiderman> lol
    <Convict> gl in life my friend
    <Spiderman> lol m still saying there should be 1 more W L T for dev
    <Spiderman> as if there for reg
    <Convict> its just to shorten the colums
    <Convict> it doesn't matter there doesn't need to be w l t colum at all
    <Convict> just look at map wins/losses
    <Spiderman> ya , m just saying if added for reg then tehre must be for dev OR dont add for any of both
    <Convict> the matches are whats important
    <Spiderman> it just makes confusion
    <Convict> most of points
    <Convict> its not confusing

    it goes on but you get the picture

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    Better if you paste full here, could be more funny lol

    --- Updated ---

    i got a FAN lol

    09:08] <matailian> wtf
    [09:08] <matailian> ?
    [09:08] <Spiderman> ?
    [09:08] <Spiderman> what
    [09:08] <matailian> u r actually spiderman
    [09:08] <Spiderman> any doubt ?
    [09:08] == matailian is away: ut2004://
    [09:08] <matailian> yea
    [09:09] <Spiderman> lol
    [09:09] == matailian is away: ut2004://
    [09:09] <matailian> so ur peter parker what the fuc
    [09:09] <matailian> fuck*
    [09:09] <Spiderman> so i cant suppose to play haha
    [09:09] == matailian is away: ut2004://
    [09:09] <matailian> ?
    [09:10] <matailian> so u have web
    [09:10] <Spiderman> web power
    [09:10] == matailian is away: ut2004://
    [09:10] <matailian> so u live in ny right"?
    [09:11] <Spiderman> ya, but m in India now
    [09:11] == matailian is away: ut2004://
    [09:11] <matailian> y?
    [09:11] <matailian> ?
    [09:11] <Spiderman> for shooting in Indian movie
    [09:11] <matailian> oh
    [09:11] <Spiderman>
    [09:11] == matailian is away: ut2004://
    [09:12] <matailian> so u kissed marrie jane?
    [09:12] <Spiderman> ya u could see in movie lol why asking
    [09:12] == matailian is away: ut2004://
    [09:13] <Spiderman> btw who r u ?
    [09:13] == matailian is away: ut2004://
    [09:13] <matailian> im a big fan
    [09:13] <Spiderman> of me ?
    [09:13] == matailian is away: ut2004://
    [09:13] <matailian> ya
    [09:13] <Spiderman> nice

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    Vandora Temple
    I don't understand what the convo between convict and spider. for uscript discussion.

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    This thread makes as much sense as that conversation ;_;

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    I don't speak abbreviations

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    if this would've been a ts recording, i would've ROFL'ed even harder than what i did... ohh god this is so fucking funny...
    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|UNrealshots View Post
    You're playing a game that came out in 1999 in the year 2012 who is the fucking nerd here?
    All of us. Enjoy.

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