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    CTF Defending @ 10-0? laming in the middle? who cares? I do!

    BUBI defended several maps, even with a 10-0 score, he wasnt the only defender.... but he couldn't care less. Ehh he doesn't come to have a good game and share fun with others... he comes for his individual thing period.
    Thats where my teammates ran away.... start to kick him making comments... why the hell would they do that for? the guy only defends?!

    bubi.dem downloaden

    So BUBI decided to attack... atleast.. thats where he started hanging in the middle

    laming.dem downloaden

    Vsammy: defense that destroys a game...

    sammy.dem downloaden

    I think a lot of people here don't like this post....reading other posts of people which are trying to do something positive for the community getting so much negative feedback, sad sad sadddd! in fact my god im preparing a mental bunker on this one!
    It's mostly the persons not affected by this way of playing screaming the most useless shit on subjects like these(not even playing the server) or skilled like a mofo so not affected. Let me suggest for these to kiss my ass.

    Since there is no code to my knowledge about what is ok and what isn't when it comes to defending i can only observe the way of defense... the score... chasing involved... what attitude does a person bring when people saying to the defending person their game is no fun anymore?

    I'd rather be banned or walking away from a game instead of getting frustrated again and again on some hypocrite behaviour without even trying to fix it. The behaviour admins themselves won't allow either when ingame.
    Some skilled people like Flux stick to their crying comments...stop crying im an ex-pro, shush, i know an admin, you will be shamed for putting this on the forum... sincerely not giving any shit on the fun others come to the server for. Some people play braindead saying i shouldn't type anything ingame trying to force a good game. "stop typing" "play" I bet they don't even understand that my efforts are supposed to serve their joy of the game, i bet they never even were aware of the existance of a score in the CTF matches.

    Lately i made some efforts to record some of what i think are unwanted activities on the server, often go out to spectate recording people of my own team, as well as my personal frustrations which never seems to be mine alone. When I'm recording the excessive defense shown here a lot of noobs like me also getting tired of it, even leaving the server.

    Is this what it should be?

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    I couldn't figure out the purpose of your post. Are you reporting people for DMing? Are you asking for advice?

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    Pretty sure he's saying you should ban him & complaining about it at the same time.

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    Hey TumTum, sorry for your experience on the servers, it is saddening to hear . Defending is allowed however defending with a 10-0 score is just lame. Everyone has his own view on this and admins may disagree but that's what I think, especially when we are talking about the last instagib servers alive. I recently encountered this as well. Wa, a known english ictf'er from the xan clan was recently defending on eternelcaves. Nothing wrong with that but his team was clearly stronger than the opposing team and they were defending with 3 on the blue team in eternalcaves, when the score was 6-0 and I think it was it even 5v4. I told them to stop since what they were doing was just lame, but they bring up the 'defending argument'. Honestly I couldn't care less abouut what they were saying, they ruined the fun of 4 players and gave them an experience no one wants to encounter on the last instagib server left in the game. What I'm trying to say is, defending is allowed, yet when I see it happen with a clear advantage for the winning team which also has these defenders I warn them since even if what they do is allowed in the rules, it also is not since I consider it laming. It sounds complicated, but it isn't. People will agree and disagree with me, but that's just how I see it. I will watch the demo's later and see what I can do with them. Also, you can put whatever you want on the forum. People like flux making those comments are complete idiots, and them 'knowing' an admin doesn't change anything. It's actually ironic flux makes these comments, I remember him whining and ragequiting when playing me because I had the wave gesture binded to my jump button. Your efforts of trying to serve their joy of the game are totally appreciated by us, but not by everyone. Ignore those who annoy you, make demo's, get screenshot's, post them on forum and you'll be the one who comes out on top despite them being friends with admins, being a 'pro' player, etc.

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    What was England
    The 'skilled' players always do those retarded comments even if they lose 20-0, saying stop crying even thought you won.
    A few weeks back there was a Spanish player complaining that my team didn't help him, even though me and another player was doing all the grabbing (~35)between us whilst he was doing nothing but fragging around the middle all game.

    eternalcaves-blue is just a map for noobs who can't play d on any decent map, i remember an English noob coming into the server mid game and started to play d when there was already 3 others doing it. 4d on a tiny, easy to defend base gets boring really quick.

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    Thanks for the answers,

    What was my purpose for starting this thread?
    I think it's a hard way to gain more understanding that I need to change in order to be able to have more fun by achieving more self knowledge, if I want to play as often as I do now. My expectancy patterns when joining a game of other players attitudes where the course of a game often derives from is making me want to police in a psychologic way (which i'm finding my mouthy tongue doing a little to often already =) to shape the game the way I want to, because that is what I think most people agree on. Measured on the best of past games where all people did get involved having that part of a "teamfeeling" In fact individualism takes shots at the ICTFservers but then again who am I to play the mad libra judging that? Much of the maps that are being chosen index the individual zeitgeist of the flock of players, 12 persons in WOOT DY or CTF-and action.. So maybe i'm way off here misdirecting to much my energy from myself barking a little to hard where I shouldn't rofl at me.
    Fair enough I do believe "policing" exactly like SAM said before is the only way possible keeping the game balanced for both sides like clean and fair, considering the requirements to knock that doors aren't available so there is the endstation of influence.
    A controversial point takes place in the example given by Viper. I get you there exactly and that's the "unjustifiable defending" I'm referring to, to me a.k.a. laming It's making an unpleasant experience of a game for the other team, but it's still allowed as if it's "defending" while it crushes the harmony of the game (ruining the competitive factor, spirit etc.)

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