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    Couldnt have said some of that better

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    its stll fun when you have good ping
    BLAZE locate the server on EU you damn faggot.

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    Is there anything BT related coming up or going to happen any time soon? I missed out on most of the BT tournaments and cups due to certain things that happened in the past. I enjoy playing Bunnytrack though and would like to play some more of it (competitive/whatever).

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    The 2021 BunnyTrack cup gets underway this evening (European time). 80 players, 3 divisions, 1500 Euros up for grabs in prize money.

    The first games take place this evening (Monday 26 April) at 8pm and 9pm CET (7pm and 8pm UK time) and will be streamed by iSpyz on Twitch:

    For schedule of other upcoming matches, check out the Discord page:

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