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Thread: El Cabron

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    El Cabron

    k well the siege uK public server was full so I decided to join pug and this idiotic mexican decided to make a million super pros, conts, forcefields and super mines all over mid. Then he started making super mines infront our base so that we get killed every time. So basically we respawn, get hit by super pros from mid, cant even pass mid cause of super mines and super mines in our base aswell. If that wasn't enough, he decided to Super Mine spawn. I have screenshots if needed, but if this kind of shit is tolerated, prove me wrong and I apologize but entering a server where theres some idiot that's ruining the game gives you such a kick in the ass. Not to mention there was a noob on my team who just kept running striaght into the damn mines.

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    PUG is not meant for public games. I am even surprised its left open for anyone to join. Its meant only for practicing, PUGs and SCRIMS. A lot of ppl want to try out stuff in New Siege. Know/Learn tricks etc. So if you walked into something of a practice or learning session and thought it was a real game then you got it wrong.

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    My apologies then. Usually to enter the pug server password is needed, it was opened today I think you guys should password it before crazy people enters it again.

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    on a side note, that el_cabron guy always balances the teams in 4way.

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