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    Disconnection - NexGen

    Hey all! I've played on your server before, but I have recently uninstalled and reinstalled UT so I do not have everything that I previously had before and I keep getting disconnected about something to do with NexGen, at least I believe that is what it was called. Any solutions on how to fix it? Thanks.

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    post a screenshot please thanks

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    yes.. post a screenshot of the problem
    howto make ss:
    - press f9 in-game, upload to , paste link.
    - print screen and paste in paint, save as png, upload to , paste link.

    - remove every file named nexgen* in C:\games\unreal tournament\system\ and reconnect.

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    Ah well, ever since the first time it has stopped so I was unable to get a screenshot and I am able to get in. Thank you for your replies.

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