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    oooooOOooo rage banning admin BlaZe, hahahahahahha! your jokes bro, i don't even care if i'm banned for 3 matches and all your just jokes. Coming in rage banning half the server. Krikor is a little snake, what's so bad about saying 'INCOMING NUKE OSYRIS' ? The man only knows how to abuse the nuke, i'm pretty sure if one of you vagina holes was on the opposite team and he just kept coming in your base with 2 nukes at a time building over 20 warheads and nuking your ass you'd be so pissed. Oh well, all I ask for is a range ban permanently cuz u guys suck. I'd like to see how well u guys play some other MOD other than siege.

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    id like to see you stop trying to use JBOT ON ACE SERVERS ITS GETTING OLD BRO

    and no i didnt come in rage banning and yes krikor did come tell me what happened because he doesnt have access to admin as hes away from home otherwise you woulda been gone way earlier then that and just to add another thing im not gonna give you the satisfaction of a range ban il surprise you with something else

    and if you think your such hot shit bring it

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    vatiko u wna play me in a different mod???? dont tell me u added |dbZ| to ur name if u did ur ban WILL be extended, i dont want noobs using my teams name

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    I wouldnt be surprised if he is the fag aliasing as me, idk u blaze but with that attitude i would ban him permanently.
    "Tactical Suicide!"

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    do it..... ban himmmmm

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