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Thread: |uK| vs <{VDS}>

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    Jan 2011

    |uK| vs <{VDS}>


    btw it was me and bliss plyn

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    Apr 2011
    What about the other 3 or 4 maps we played?
    We replayed control, we won 5-1
    we replayed firepot, we won 5-1
    Thorns we won 5-1
    and there may be another, I will ask Xan

    But was very fun matches, you are decent players!
    till the next time!
    take care

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    Jan 2011
    those were against diablo and me, these were uk vs vds i never played on diablos team before didnt no his play style

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    Jan 2011
    lol gg's. Diablo's ping was pretty high compared to ours. Might have made a difference.

    Love to play more matches with vds soon

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