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    Theres only a few maps (Niven,Aleria) where he can do a "camp station", and if you have a useless team its rly annyoing to play

    I try the same on the renovated simplex, make a massive leech behing the nukeroom wall, make there a lot sms and one sp its impossible to get in, my dumb team cant help me to defend the outside so it was rly useless

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    Player vs geometry xD

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    Or make neutron bombs ignore nukes altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krikor View Post
    So now we can make a leech in a place nobody can come in and make an undying protector outside from it and make it impossible to kill, about time we bring emp back? How many more retarded things are yet to come? fucking siege is making me vomit of how stupid it has become, i refuse to keep playing siege anymore until this is fixed, owait nobody cares about me not playing or siege becoming nice again

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    But wasn't that always the case? Make a massive amount of unleachable containers to make invincible super pro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krikor View Post
    making exactly what im saying, building a leech for example as it happened yday in the windows of orbital which are the nuke rooms, make it on enemy base (mid low/high) and after leech is done just make a tele outside of window and SP's and its gonna be impossible to kill without nuking it twice bc its so strong
    That's fair game. #codereview

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    The way to make a tele unkillable, you need 15 containers, 2 SP's + 1 SM before doing anythnig outside.
    - SP contruction: 500*2
    - SP upgrade: 750*2
    - SM: 1000
    - Container Construction: 125 * 15
    - Container upgrade: 375 * 15
    - Inner teleporter: 1000
    RU: 18500
    And that's the minimum requirements for invincible room.
    Any less containers make the SP and tele easy to handle.

    Yeah... your team was fucking around too much.
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    we just never used such lame "tactics".

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    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|kenneth View Post
    we just never used such lame "tactics".
    Only in pug hmm. for uscript discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chamberly View Post
    Only in pug hmm.
    not even in pugs, chamberfly you havent been around siege long enough to know what old days were really like believe me

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