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    lol I miss these posts about me :< need to dust off the gunz

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    We know ramlinux but there's nothing we can do to stop them. They are threatening us to kidnap blase and rape him silly till his little ass bleeds. Worst part is, blase is looking forward to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramlinux View Post
    To Admins UK Instagib Server, UENZ^ from germany, Zwarm form Holland, this guys are anoying using his bots, dont tellme they dont, fuck the game with multiples monsters kills, and fancy shots form his ass. i request ban for this players. please guys add with me in this request if you has been in this games with this players.

    If this is part of benefits of admins (using bot) in this servers, we remind you, we donate to this servers works and the fun its for all players and members of UK.

    Obvusly when we decide vote to kick they quits!!, ans return with another name, and skin, i dont know with the same sign, so, thanks for attend this soon as posible.

    Kind Regards.
    @ramlinux sometimes you walk into play, perform some locks death left me with some annoyance haha

    ramlinux algunas veces que tu entras a jugar, realizas unos bloqueos de muerte que me dejan con cierta molestia jaja

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