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Thread: Siege Pug RULES

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    Siege Pug RULES

    How To Play

    1) DO NOT play without reading the rules below. "I did not read the rules" is not an excuse.

    2) Check what the current letter is by typing: !letter. Then change your nick to x-Nickname where x is the letter. So, if I type !letter and the letter is A, I will change my name to a-Sardukar. When I type !list, I will see myself in the game.

    3) To leave the game, change your nick back to the original.

    4) To see what UT server to use, type !ip1. To see who is on it, type !query ip1.

    #mlsg Channel Rules

    Be Sensible, don't spam and flood lines. The pugbot will ban you for it and the admins will not have any sympathy with it.

    Do not personally attack others in the channel. Nobody cares if you think someone swings the other way.

    #mlsg Server Rules

    Players must be on the server and clicked within 10 minutes

    From now on, the aliasing rule will be enforced. Players are expected to use their most commonly recognisable alias to the majority of users in the channel, particulary the administrators when pugging up in IRC and when entering the server.

    If a player needs to be asked to change their nick or to "unalias", they have already broken this rule and risk being banned.

    You must follow this rule in IRC so fair teams can be picked without asking "who is who" - likewise when in the server; where UT stats (type !stats) are maintained, based on nick.

    Leaving Games
    When you pug up, you must allow time for no less than 1 game/map. If you leave during a pug for no good reason - "team sucks", "I have a scrim", "Dinner is ready", "I have to go to bed" then you will be banned. If you do leave with a legitimate reason, you must try your best to find a sub.

    It is advised you stay connected to IRC while playing, so everyone can tell if your internet had dropped or not, should it happen during a game.

    Voting a Map
    As this is a one map PUG, everyone must wait for there to be 8 players or more on the server before voting for a map, if for any reason there wasnt 8 players or more on the server while the map was being voted, a revote will take place once there are 8 players or more on the server.

    You are entitled to vote for any map you like, but it is advised you vote for your teams choice of map. VOTE SENSIBLY DONT BE AN IDIOT.

    When subbing into a game, you are obliged by the aliasing and leaving games rules. If you want to sub, ensure you can play for the rest of the game.

    Do not !captain up if you do not know most of the players in the pug and/or you are unable to pick a fair team. Captains must work together to ensure that balanced teams are picked. If the teams look to be very unfair, an operator may well !reset a picking. When you pug up, you accept that you may be made to be a captain and pick a team, if it is required to balance a team.

    TS Communication
    Everyone must use some form of TS communication - either being in voice chat (usually Teamspeak) or using keybinds, or better; a combination of both. If you cannot communicate things to your teams, there is little point in you playing.

    * If you need help setting up Keybinds then please PM the admins to help you with this before you pug! And once you have binds, ensure that you use them!

    Laming or Camping
    Player whining (constantly), flaming in the server is not acceptable. Playing "noobish" on purpose in the server, is equally unacceptable (such as "omg my team sux so I will bunny hop and stand still for the rest of the game"). Laming a game or camping - as in anything which spoils the game for others will not be accepted.

    Map Bugs or Game Engine Bugs
    Any type of bug i.e. bunnyhopping, multigunning, building bugging is disallowed and will result in a ban for the offender. The abuse of map bugs is also disallowed (abuse of the ZeroPing hidden-hitarea bug is also disallowed).

    -ONLY teleporters are allowed to be built through walls.

    Resetting picks
    You are not allowed to delibrety reset team picking by rejoining the channel in any way. If you require that the pug is reset, you must contact an admin or a +v (voiced) user (and say why if it is not obvious).

    Players will be banned for Minor offences and Major offences. Examples of both are given below:

    Minor (24hr ban firstime):
    > Aliasing
    > Excessive whining / flaming
    > Ruining team selection
    > Abusing Bugs

    Major (48hr ban firstime):
    > Leaving a game for no valid reason / without a sub
    > Not showing for a game for no valid reason
    > "Laming around"

    Repeat offenders will get longer bans than first-times.

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