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    Complaints I guess? Maybe just a rant? Or maybe just my two cents?

    I know I am the noob here when it comes to stats, strategies, nuking etc. I come here to have fun and I give a damn about it much beyond that at this point. I am no longer in a clan, no longer an admin etc etc. My first topic is the balancer, I get the arguments and I also don't understand the arguments. The balancer, I know what it is attempting to do or what it is used for plus what most would want it to do. Looks like all it does is balance at the beginning, after that the last person that joins gets moved to either the team that might be short a player or if players are even then maybe at that point it moves the newly joining member to the weaker team. Is that about right?

    A decent player joins, gets moved to a team and then there is the possibility of having one team stacked over the other. At that point you can only hope that someone tries to switch, the only way to switch is to be moved or exit/spectate, ask someone to rejoin and then that last player joins again and hope that something along those lines works. Correct? At this point, its likely that a team or both teams will cry about it and likely it will lead to someone turning someone in for !s!t!p.

    Many say it is just because of it being a public server, I have only ever played public servers so I guess I can't weigh that factor in. I join and I play wherever the server dumps me into, I don't think I ever complain though once in a while I will say "Nice Teams", also if I join and people quit and leaves one team completely outnumbers or outgunned I will rejoin to move to the other team to help out. I don't rage, I just play and though I am not much help I do whatever I can to help out.

    Those that do rage certainly can ruin a game. I know that this isn't always the case and once in a while you will see a decent or good player join and get moved to a stacked team and they step out. That's cool but they should be able to play without having to worry about hearing crap about joining a stacked team. It's those that abuse it or intentionally try to change things. Make the most of the game in front of you otherwise it will be over soon and maybe next map it will be more even or maybe you will get put on a dominant team. It sucks to be on the losing end and sometimes being on the winning team is pathetic. You get to a point where maybe you pin them down and now you are just spamming the door or hall or mid racking up RU etc. Enough about the balancer, maybe what most are hoping for isn't possible?

    Why is it that if you get off a few shots on a "supposed skilled player" they are quick to call you noob and talk shit the rest of the game and when they finally shot you then you hear even more shit talking. Why are many of the "supposedly skilled" players the main ones that aren't team players. They do mostly build the base up to getting the SS built then they just save up RU for nukes. Often times they don't finish building or upgrading, not even the core. They almost never help repair the core but they often are the ones begging for RU. (not all of course) I do get the fact that nukes in the end will end then game, that and a good tele. I don't care who you are or how good you are, you can't do it alone and its not often that one can say they did it entirely on their own. If they win they are awesome, if they lose its because they have a shit team wtf lol

    Minigun, I hate it but it isn't only noobs that use it. I suppose you could say the same thing about rockets, pulse and even the sniper rifle. To me, unlike many, I think it takes much more skill to kill with sniper and insta just from my experience firing the different weapons. I am starting to like the insta because I can tell that my shot is getting a little better with it. Some days I have a good day and having tons of headshots with sniper and my kills are high and I like that .

    Mid, many many players like to stay near mid and just snipe people, yes I have done this a time or two for just a few seconds and its boring AF so I charge on only to usually die quickly but I go for it (if I do it it is to kill off a sc or sp or to gain ru off builds). None of that sissy crap for me.

    I had a bit more to add but now I'm bored by my own words plus I have a decent buzz on so I'll get back to my drink and join in on a game or two.

    Relax, have fun and STFU!

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    Teamswitching is possible with color spam, e.g. !r or !b sent to the server faster than it could normally respond. This is useful when trying to actually balance the teams, but few players use it, and it's often reversed by the "balancer" if the number of players is uneven.

    Two thoughts on the balancer - It should try to balance such that the average number of frags and nukes per player is as close as possible on both teams. I don't know how it's supposed to work at the moment, but it's obvious in many cases that it doesn't.

    A manually-curated player ranking list (broken down by stats - like average eff, accuracy, points, etc) might also be helpful, but that's quite a bit of work.

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