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    Go to hell. I wont be avaliable this coming Sunday but I might be able to play the 2nd week if someone doesn't show. If not i can stream if cella can't.

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    To all the players I have drafted for our team (TST) join #tts on IRC. @JD @Monk @UcHiHa @HumaK @'Zac

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    Team Convict:

    yeah I already asked for vacation time on the Finals weekend cause I know this team is gonna be playing on the finals.

    I would like to congratulate Convict on another championship this is what happens when you let Convict get The Best Nuka A-live!! as a last pick, gg

    Brain Over Aim:

    When your core 3 are Fleece adrian and camilo you gonna need Newton levels of brain to compensate for the lack of aim...holy shit what is this team.

    Altho to be fair there is a lot of unknown players to me so I could be wrong.


    How is a team allowed to gain this many good core players (chis, krikor, Rays, ) niggas must of shown maximum disrespect to my hommie Rays

    cause I just don't see how you manage to acquire such a strong core also PACO and nob are top tier ipug players from what I remember

    (good Defence wins games) I expect to see this team on the Finals for sure.

    Team Osyris:

    Well glad to see Osyris not draft an All Mexico team. Picking up blaze is huge considering Blaze has shown solid performances in all siege Tournaments

    (he sucks dick at other games but his UT skills cannot be questioned) Communication could be an issue but on pure talent this team is a lock in for at least semifinals.

    Spiderman Penetration

    The only Penetration I see on this team's Future is Cellas dick in dangerboys ass. Holy shit this team is bad...I might not been around siege for a while but even I can tell

    a team of apes when I see one. Don't expect this team to even make it to playoffs.

    Treacherous Turtle Squad

    Cella's the best player on your team...nough said...

    this team on paper looks beastly but the problem is the wild cards like JD who can make or break a team...This team could be considered bad (only Spider team is worse)

    But it can definitely create upsets in the tourney if they get their shit together only time will tell.
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    I'm very excited to see Spiderboy and Skaarj on the same team. The circle of blame. Well, not really a circle.

    Nice analysis @SogeKing

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    SogeKing you are 2 years too late. Try again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novak View Post
    Moskva built a beastly team. If they get any reasonable contributions from the IG players, they will be impenetrable on D and also have solid offensive options. Solid depth.

    Convict did well as expected. Solid defensive lineup with Dem and Shiro, giving him the option to play both O or D as needed. Glooz is an underrated versatile option and the team has good depth.

    I put these two teams in the top tier at the moment but would not sleep on any team with Adran/Camilo or Dangerboy.
    last season or maybe the one before I remember Moskva playing simplex with 4 ig players and that worked out well for him

    this isn't ig tournament - will be about as impenetrable as grims ass on a friday night

    I will be doing write ups myself but the one thing moskva team has going for it is everyone will be on top of midspawns and if chis can live up to his ranking on more than just one or two maps.
    Last edited by TDNConvict; 07-13-2015 at 09:59 AM.

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    hahah i enjoyed reading sogekings post hah

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    London, United Kingdom
    lol that sogeking ahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by TDNConvict View Post
    last season or maybe the one before I remember Moskva playing simplex with 4 ig players and that worked out well for him
    Yea kron made sure he'd draft like shit by getting alpha and termi, even then we didn't give up
    Season ranks: MLSG - #45 Semis, MLSG II - #38 Finals, MLSG III - #34 Finals, GU.Siege - #32 5th Place, IST - #11 CHAMPION

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    After soge's last post. We should elect him as the official write up person.

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