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    Quote Originally Posted by Novak View Post
    While an overall amusing write-up, there are a couple of primary points to rebut:

    Dangerboy is the new Blaze.
    I'd say dangerboy is the second best player but adrian is way ahead of everyone else.

    I think finals will be Brains over Aim vs Osyris.

    Convict and shiro are the heavyweights on rage inc.

    Adrian is a beast
    Camilo has good tactics
    Fleecey is an all around good player
    busta pulls stuff you would least expect
    iron maiden packs a hard punch for a cheap price
    hackercrash is decent as well

    Chis is a good all around player
    Snakewarz is a beast for that price
    N0b is good

    Blaze and osyris = good aim
    Scourge is a beast nuker and jetpacker

    Dangerboy is a beast but his team isnt as stacked as the others.

    I think cellas team isn't stacked either.

    I can't believe dante isn't picked! #codereview

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay2 View Post
    I can't believe dante isn't picked!
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ didn't understand this either his aim is pretty decent imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|B|aZe//. View Post
    I'll give you the reason why novak. Me chis and convict do not play as much as we ever used to if at all whereas the other two do. Current salaries are based on current activity and form adrian and danger are where they are for their activity not the "skill" they are decent at best, put them against a stacked team and they dont play at all they just give up - (from what I've seen, you can protest all you want, you know its true), lets not forget a lot of oldschoolers are missing from this season and the likes of myself chis and convict are rusty as fuck. But hey maybe I'm wrong but I doubt that very much
    Good stuff, leaving yourself a bit of room for humility. Smart.

    I have not pugged in some time, but the last pugs I played I noticed some extreme skill for Dangerboy and have specced him in a few to believe him to be at a top level. Of course, the play will do the talking in the end.

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