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    Quote Originally Posted by PACO View Post

    RTG admitted that the real reason he made the video was because we stole Sovvie.
    Dat moment when you watch whole video waiting for RTG to come in and confess his real motives behind the defamation of Monks flawless play.

    as for the sup spamming allegations, I don't see any spamming here, it was clearly a better offense in Monks team. Completely destroyed the defenders.

    This is just poor builds on blue side due to their lack of gold, red was clearly snowballing hard that is the nature of this map sadly. Final ruling: Git Gud and

    build protectors to fend off enemy offense. Case Dismissed

    (just read it was 4v5 lolz, well that's fucked up but it really doesn't change the fact that it was not really "sup spam" dick move tho, gotta admit lelel)
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    welp you played clarion/minicivil , those maps are sup spams elite category , osyris played like that against us when the team was alive and we just built sp's and that's all , you'll always get shoot in suplier on those maps no matter what , its like an obligatory stop for attackers.
    Never Lucky.

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    Scrambled eggs all over my face. What is a boy to do..

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    Admins, please, add a new rule: Ignore all rules

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