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    Quote Originally Posted by RTG` View Post
    Dizzy don't want anyone to use his mods
    If you're handing the entirety of the code to client machines, then you have to expect this stuff to happen.
    If you want your super awesome code protected, then be super awesome coder enough to split your shit in client/server interfaces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|LadyS View Post
    @Chamberly can you send @SAM the mod for me?
    I already did, I mentioned it in my previous post.

    Quote Originally Posted by RTG` View Post
    You guys are clearly aware that Dizzy don't want anyone to use his mods so you don't respect his work that way.
    This is NOT exactly what we are trying to do. We CAN make our own, not using his code, as there are several many ways to recode things to make it work. Beside the mod sucks, it seriously need recoding for a public release environment if the peoples want it.

    Beside, Unreal script is open source, people WILL do anything, rip/steal/recode/fuckthis/fuckthat/throwaway anything else to do with the codes. If Unreal script was NOT open source, we'd perhap have a much better anti-cheat system (there was a thread about this somewhere but not gonna post it), and the mod won't be steal-able as much.

    Quote Originally Posted by RTG` View Post
    you should've talked with the admins
    Did that, got no response and got ignored. So idgaf.

    Quote Originally Posted by RTG` View Post
    How could you hate their hard work on the mapvote and maps like that cham .
    I'm not discouraging them, but they should use improvement which they probably won't do anything because I'm a banned client, yet my opinion won't do any good for them. for uscript discussion.

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