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    Ace kicking me whenever its in the mood. Help plz

    This only happens on your server. I get kicked by Ace because it doesn't like my "Botpack.u". So I reboot and the game lets me in for a bit. Then I kicked by Ace for "Engine.u". So I reboot again.

    Sometimes it lets me play for a while then in the middle of a game...boom kicked by Ace because it didn't like my "D3DDrv.dll". Then it's "Windrv.dll".

    This happened few months ago too. I even reinstalled everything from scratch with my original UT disk and the only files I downloaded were from your server. I have no idea what's going on.

    Just remembered.........I patched my fresh install with the 436 patch. Nothing else.

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    up your netspeed to 15000 does it kick u a minute after getting in or halfway through a game?

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    My netspeed is set to 20000. I get kicked both ways. Sometimes 30 seconds in and sometimes in the middle of a game.

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