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    I so much disagree with SAM that it is worthless to write in and read this thread...
    The frightening thing is that today it is some part of Israel, tomorrow it will be another part/s of the world.
    What is wrong here is the action SAM is taking, not the motives so much. He might always find a reason to ban/restrict ip.
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    Israeli settlements land are a political issue , boycotting israel is a political issue , you acting like your decision to ban settlements is not politically motivated is filled with hypocrisy , at least have the guts to admit to what you are trying to do.
    So far your "policy" is failing you have 2 players(skunk and death man) who are now either banned or stopped playing UT , both of them live OUTSIDE of settlement land(google maps , takes only 5 seconds , why is the ban still on?) one of them seems to have leftist views , the other one is not even jewish.
    The biggest irony here is not only you are forcing out good players out of the servers who dont even meet the criteria you set for a ban , you are forcing out people who are most likely supporting peace in israel.
    If you want to stay true to what you claim - undo the bans and fix the geographical ban , it doesnt seem to work too well is it?
    p.s the decision to ban players from a free dying 16 year old game is laughable , so is the reasoning behind it. Don't get me started with the "wake up sheeple your media is lying to you , here's the truth from the internet !".
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    Not taking into account if he is right or if he is not and I wont debate that, since I have my own beliefs and ways of seeing things but one thing is certain, its his server and its his right to do whatever he wants even if all of us wont agree on it.

    He believes he is making a difference to a subject that matters to him, even knowing it's affecting people that have no direct implications on the same subject. He wanted to take actions against a situation he (and a lot of us actually) condemned, this is how he can do it, use the tools available to you.

    We have a saying in Portugal, if you are not comfortable here then leave... I also dont agree with some server rules and actions, but its the only place I can still play UT99, right now the "benefits" still outweigh what I dont like on the servers, so I "obey", when I'm fed up or some actions really go against what I stand I only have one solution: stop playing on UKillers Servers even if that means no other place to play UT99, its a choice ill have to make but either I follow my own mind or I dont.

    Do I agree with the banning on a region of Israel for what it means? Yes and No... Yes because its about time the whole world takes actions (whatever they be) on a freaking Genocide that has been happening for over 40 years and no one cares, No because the persons affected by it have no way on influencing a decision like that and wont go away so easily...

    I have Israeli friends and ex colleagues of work, and none of them were found of what was been done to the Palestinians, but they cant do anything about it... and no.. Elections wont change shit, if they did no one were allowed to freely vote

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    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|B|aZe//. View Post
    I pay for these servers, I feel the exact same way sam does if you have a problem with it @chris[CB] then do something about it like get your own server and re-populate UT with your cheat/lame/justifying-free server
    for bnext I can only apologise but it is what it is
    Hat off to you and your community for keeping the servers populated and the game alive a little longer.
    But taking political issues to a 16 year old videogame? Laughable, actually it is embarrassing.
    In dutch we have a word for this, called "mierenneuker" wich directly translates to "ant fucker" (No need to explain aye?), and that is what you are doing on the back of an emotional decision instead of a rational one.

    You said it best, it is what it is.
    And you know what it is? Laughable, embarassing and despicable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chamberly View Post
    lol @ these ppl saying unban... sometimes they forget like they think they own the server eh?
    What a pathetic excuse to jump on the hypetrain with, lol @ you for not having your own opinion and blindly following your "superiors"... it seems you sometimes forget to think on your own eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by SAM View Post
    I can do what I like and keep silent about it at the same time without providing an explanation.
    A barking dog never bites, says enough that this ban was silently put in place for over a year.

    Quote Originally Posted by SAM View Post
    I don't see this as an argument. There's nothing to be humble about here other than I have authoroty over you.
    You have authority over me? Humor me pretty please.
    Go right ahead and use your "Superior Authority" big boy. It would only solidify my point.

    Ya'll need to take a step back and take a look at this situation from a reality standpoint instead through your politcal/emotional glasses and you will see this is laughable.
    Keep on believing in the illuminati/Chemtrails/MH370 conspiracy theories man, says alot about someone who looks for "answers".

    Remove this childish "sanction".
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    After some weeks of abstinence from this forum I finally caught up reading all the stuff I missed.
    And tbh even though I'm not much of a help to the UK server atm anyway due to not playing the game I don't want to continue being a moderator. I'm doing that publicly on purpose to make a statement.
    Involving politics in a game just ain't right. No matter if the reasons behind that are good or bad.

    So @SAM or some other admin please revoke my rights to see the mod stuff and of course moderator rights on the servers.

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    Full sail ahead!
    Got a better idea, research what IP ranges belong to those lands as they may have been changed.
    Then the range update will automatically unban the two ppl in question.
    ------------------------------------- * -------------------------------------

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    Now, I dont usually register and post on forums but I'm beginning to see what the people who run this server is about. You have 2 admins that are banning people on political decisions, and trying to hide it saying its personal. Then you have the clueless moderators trying to back up the admins, even though they know he's wrong, but scared to exploit him because of their status in the community. Pathetic. I 100% guarantee you, that by banning these Israeli players it won't help your cause, because nobody is going to move out of settlement land just to play UT on your servers, period..

    I will no longer be playing in your servers due to this disgusting atrocity, I can live my life playing elsewhere until the matter is resolved for all I care. I just don't feel comfortable anymore playing with these kind of admins/mods.
    Your community will collapse like Rome did, unless you mend your attitude, and lose your ego. I don't even think the players or people on this forum like you, they just pretend to like you cause your the main admin, but I can see right through you, you are a shallow person.

    Thanks for putting up the servers, it was fun while it lasted. And thanks everyone for letting me express my opinions on this matter.

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    What was England
    That's another of the very few players left gone....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higor View Post
    Got a better idea, research what IP ranges belong to those lands as they may have been changed.
    Then the range update will automatically unban the two ppl in question.
    Explain to me why other mods/admins would have to waste their time doing this? It was not their decision to ban settlement land thus no mod or other admins need to do this. I agree they are powerless to do anything about the banned players in Israel but that doesn't take away their freedom of speech. From what I've been observing it seems you and a few other mods have been kissing ass lately judging from your previous posts and theirs, only uK Rays was the one brave enough to speak out against this nonsense why the fuck are the rest of you mods kissing asses? open your eyes and use your brains for once. If your just following orders that are unjustified then are you getting paid for it also?
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