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    I agree with those points and have the same thoughts in game and I AM a mod!

    As long as the server core rules are not being abused and that player has contributed to the team effort then that player should be allowed to play how they want, Staying in your own base is not camping.

    one player cannot force another player to play as they do, if I forced people to play as I do in siege then 3/4 of the server would get banned.

    Mods are definitely more trigger happy on iG than siege and a lot seem to be based around what that mod deems the right way to play.

    The last point about mods in Alias, that pisses me off and always has, use your name so you are recognised. don't come out with the "we can catch people doing wrong if we alias" excuse, prevention is better than cure. Allowing a problem to happen causes a disruption for the other players.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trikki_Woo{69} View Post

    Getting banned was not even a thought that crossed my mind. But, now I find myself wondering if I stop in a corner to scratch my ass, or read a post, or take a sip of drink, or if i don't shoot at Hellcat, or accidentally boost someone (who may even be an admin) into the void or goo or lava, will I get banned for it.

    Oh, and come on Timbur! "retarded"?! really!? I'm "mentally challenged", thank you! Get with the program!
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