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Thread: Warning:

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    Exclamation Warning:

    Warning! Siege is about blow!

    I've been bothering GrimReaper about this for 2 days trying not to be a bother to everyone here, but I can't hold my peace anymore.
    And I'm sure Grim is gonna post here if he sees this saying stop letting this bother me.

    K now I'm about to say what is on my mind.

    I came to uK servers over a year ago by pure providence, your servers faved themselves after I entered the combo server from an IP from CoD|Moskva, and since that time I've gained friendships and good acquaintances from being hated by everyone, some of my best friends here were people who didn't like me. lol

    I look now, I see... uK Siege has changed, and I don't know if it's for the better or not.

    Since the new version of Siege came out Siege has gone weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee down hill!!
    and since the beginning of the year sth odd has happened.

    and SK

    All are gone, SK I understand cheating isn't cool, but really 5 people gone?
    Who's next?
    Shivaaa, Melted_Ice, Honeybee, Silverwing?

    Clans break up I understand that, people have lives I understand that but really?
    Just gonna up and leave, Ktnxbye nice knowing you? (SK excluded)

    Now we have this new clan with it supposed upgrade.
    Upgrade, pffft hardly, it's a revenge clan because JD is ticked off, I'm not saying others don't think of it as an upgrade but I see it made out of pure vengeance.

    Ban deserved, I like JD, I do.
    But really?
    Trying to recruit Lot?
    Then him and Butcher BOTH former uK's say they didn't know the rules on recruiting.
    I'm not in the clan so I don't know them but I would think they'd know the rules they both were in uK for years.

    I'm proud to say though, that Lot stood fast to what he wanted in this and it gained him to be a full uK!

    Good Lord people grow up, y'all are becoming hostile at each other.
    All the time, I hear people at each others throat. -.-"
    Butcher supposedly left cause of Silverwing, Silver wing and HP now hate each other, everyone degrades GrimReaper in to the ground using every insult in the book, IDC if it's a joke or not.
    I've had it up to my pony tail in my hair, leave the guy alone!!!

    Not to mention Sakura, everywhere she goes there goes the mocking party.
    The girl has enough problems let her alone and treat her nice.
    She's a good player, so she's young.. So am I who cares, she's a nice girl.
    A little hyper when she's ticked off but she's a nice girl, really let her alone!!!

    This is a game, I know that, but think and remember these are people not just voices and little animate characters, when you talk to people they're still human, and when a person tells you off in return it's normally meant not as a joke, they are, most of the time hurt, angered, or some other negative emotion.

    Also, you're IST has gone down hill as well.

    Chronox can't play.
    SK is gone cause of cheating. (doesn't that make any wins not count?)
    People don't show up for matches. (every time)
    Blaze's teams still hasn't played as far as I know.
    Lot might still be in atm I don't know, I'm not totally involved since I'm not in the IST.
    Everything is unorganized, y'all are in a mess I don't mind telling you. lol
    Even in the begging I saw this was gonna fall apart, when ya'll picked teams 2 times cause about 5 people didn't show up. >.<

    Do you not see this as a bad thing?
    I believe in evolving and getting better, but do you see this as a good thing?

    Players leaving out of the blue,
    Lack of organization...

    Idk I just see bad things happening.
    I hope I'm wrong.

    Ignore this and lock if you find this a pointless thread, I just needed to lay this out.

    ~ God Bless ~

    ~ Moko

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    weve had a lot of stuff like this in the past where members left and members joined never had any problems like recent up until now but shit happens theres always something happening at |uK| be it good or bad its always been like this even before you got here its not a biggy, the members currently here know the stance we have and that its a game which we all enjoy. members come and go some leave some go inactive and then come back later on it happens cant really stop that because people have things to do.

    id just like to know and see how many people can see JD's intentions its so obvious that i almost feel sorry for him. almost.

    things are ok in ist weve thought up a new plan and anthrax has stepped up to captain a new team there will be one less team in ist because were basically giving anthrax players from both DK and DBZ as well as the free agents list to choose an active team that will be here for him when he asks. just waiting for silverwing to come online hopefully there wont be anymore problems but if they come we deal with it like usual.

    4 years turning 5 and were still strong things are going good its ok

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    well I talked to u about grim and u know what i think and if u grim took it as an offense then i apologize because i dont want to be mean at all
    then well this is a community and as a community we suppose to know how is everyone thats why i disagreed with blaze about the topic that ppl is only STRANGER PPL i dont think so, we play almost everyday and ts community specially for me arent strangers for me are a bunch of ppl who share the same interest at the game and they r really cool i have to say so for example when blaze and JD had their discussion its not about what they said about idc if u leave uK or sth o anything that JD could said... if they are fighting or sth like that its because they CARE about this
    i rly cant believe blaze just letting go JD or JD leaving so easy uK... I take it as just a hard moment where feelings started to gain control and suddenly exploded because they CARE about this, if not why so interested to defend a point when u dont want or need to do it
    about IST well its hard to get a team moko its not like someone is 24/7 here so isnt so easy u know but blaze and SW and everyone who is in charge of the IST had put a lot of effort in trying to make this work i appreciate that :P
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    dont wrry moko.. everything will be fine

    and srry blaze... im busy in the mornings because im helping my friend for a dance competition... and they need people to build some stuff so im helping them

    P.S We rented a moving truck for 1 month :| XD... and i drove it :P... so sick

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    I think people need to cool down. Fighting over pugs, two nukes, or one, it comes on bad. Their is alot of disrespect and putting other players down. I think people should change their attitude and actually be nice to people. Some of it is lost.

    Too many negative topics, and arguments its just has people getting upset, getting mad at people, and choosing sides.
    Last edited by Sakura; 05-24-2011 at 06:12 AM.
    A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.
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    Dont worry about it, it isnt worth gettin mad, chill and wait, even if my health isnt the best right now i aint lettin things go out of hand, but as Blaze said this happens time to time, in every clan...

    As u say, most of us need to grow up, i personally tought Butcher was mature enough to ignore stuff against SW, now the only stuff he posts is flaming and attacking sw :S

    About Sak, well she caused us some trouble in the past (not real trouble.. I stopped seeing the "pot thread" childish posts the second after i saw them) but as most people , she deserves an opportunity, she has improved a lot not only as a player, but as a person.
    "Tactical Suicide!"

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    From what I read she didn't mean to cause the trouble, and even if she did, that's no reason to mock her.
    Being her age and a girl myself I can relate a little, when you feel outcasted you tend to not act as you should, but she loves uK, when she though uK was dead during the DDoS she was going to kill something for real.

    She loves this place, and she gets mocked.
    Really now, leave the girl alone. >.>

    I agree Moskva, we aren't strangers in a sense.
    You can be close to somebody over the internet, I can think of a few people right off the top of my head that I'd say are good friends here, though we disagree on many things.
    Also I wasn't referring to you with the GrimReaper thing since you told me you weren't trying to be tasteless.

    And yeah Saku, I agree.

    Glad some1 else sees how people are acting a little childish.

    I know they are trying with the IST, but I really think this needs a total do over.

    Edit: Wow I just looked at the ex uKs, AREKU!
    I forgot about him, I feel like a heel right now. :S
    But that's 6 players gone not 5 anyways.

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    Take a chill pill. It's just a game.

    The game is meaningless. The only thing that counts are the connections you make. Otherwise, anything relating to ut is meaningless in the end.

    When everyone starts seeing it from that angle, you'll realize what my point is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattie View Post
    Take a chill pill. It's just a game.

    The game is meaningless. The only thing that counts are the connections you make. Otherwise, anything relating to ut is meaningless in the end.

    When everyone starts seeing it from that angle, you'll realize what my point is.
    Chill pill. LOL
    I like that to be honest I'm gonna steal that.

    If it's meaninless then why bother playing?
    And you make my point, connections, kinda hard when you're YELLED at and picked on ALL THE TIME....
    Talked down to, jabbed because some1 finds it funny, degraded and other things.

    I've personally had it up to here *hand at throat*, there is a fine line between competion and cruelity.
    Calling somebody useless and cussing them out cause you're bored is idiotic.

    They treat GrimReaper like an animal, idc if he laughs or not it's cruel, they tease Sakura all the time, leave them alone.
    I was teased and picked on all the time before, thank God that stopped but I was.
    If you could manage to stop with me manage to stop with them too.

    I have no probelm with people teasing eachother with a light heart, but there's a line.
    Respect wile you tease, really is it that hard?

    Now I'm gonna take a chill pill. =P

    Edit: Oh yeah, thanks for following me out of my own base just so you could kill me. =D

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