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    Quote Originally Posted by |uK|B|aZe//. View Post
    red box outlined is messed up? whiteboxed the pm for obvious reasons also the background for attached thumbnails is ugly
    Thumbnail background fixed.

    Postfoot for PM should be fixed. This wasn't a simple CSS issue because it was using the width set as a global one. Amending it made it smaller on the forum postfoot. Therefore, a plugin was required (only for vBulletin)

    To do so, add a plugin as follows:

    Product: vBulletin

    Hook Location: parse_templates

    Title: Set "postfoot" Width For Private Messages

    Execution Order: 5

    Plugin PHP Code:

    PHP Code:
    if (THIS_SCRIPT === 'private')
        $template_hook['headinclude_css'] .= '<style>.postfoot {width: 700px !important;}</style>';

    Plugin is Active: Yes

    Then click "Save".
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