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    Map fix & initial supplier suggestion


    - Please fix the diamond sword map- crashes server.
    - Please add a diamond sword map for just 2 teams. not just quad.(gr8 map)
    - Please consider changing 1st supplier to charge weapons for 2 or 3 players as opposed to one
    at a time... too much fighting at the start for weapons.

    * would these suggestions hold more weight if your AWESOME service accepted donations?
    I know its alot of work to run a server & put up with the users.

    I ran a couple myself(bt) - but everything was free on my end.


    fuggy out!

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    Yes i agree but add back shrinker but make it like 2000 for a suit so you really gotta use it for stregey because it brings some stregeys fitting nito smaller places and noobs will think twice about useing it for dms

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    I'm with |uK|lotrfan67
    Even if the shrinker cost 1500 noobs would think twice about using it and you wouldn't be swarmed with dwarves.
    Diamondsword would be a great siege map with the core moved to the roof or possibly just blocking off the back entrance to the core with a wall.
    The supplier only supplying one at a time is fine, just wait for your turn away from it so you don't get sup-spam-killed. If you increased the amount of players it can supply, I think you'd get bigger huddles (and longer stays) in the supplier and more spam; and since there's no more healthpod, it will be MEGAKILL city.

    "Boom, Headshot!" - FPS_Doug
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    Quote Originally Posted by fudddge View Post
    * would these suggestions hold more weight if your AWESOME service accepted donations?
    I know its alot of work to run a server & put up with the users.
    Honestly, if this happens, the server would easilly loose too much of its popularity in about 3 months easilly (because you wouldn't be the only one doing that, I am pretty sure of that, plus I am sure if something wasn't the way you liked it you would easilly throw this "donation" to the admin's face, not a smart move). That wouldn't be a donation, that would be "paying" to get something done, and I advice every admin to not take this kind of "donations".

    Nothing against your sugestions, I think the supplier one could be benefic actually, but only for 2 players, 3 is too much, there's the super supplied for that.

    Just don't add money in the process, that's a lame move.

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    The above post is exactly the reason why I read the thread and didn't reply.

    If people want to donate I should be because you enjoy the servers an appreciate them and because you wouldn't want to see themtaken offline.

    No one gets any extra permissions or special treatment. Obviously there would be more positivity towards the donator as people would see you being generous. Other than that I have banned plenty Poole in the past the have donated or contributed in some way or the other.

    I'm not trying to scare anyone lol I am just saying I don't appreciate feeling bribed.
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